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ALEC Goes Local

Governing Magazine highlights the American City County Exchange in its June edition:

"It's nice to have a group like this that can provide information to me as to how other people in other areas have done positive things in terms of reducing the size of government and the scope of government," says Todd Grayson, a member of the Perrysburg, Ohio, City Council.

Read the full story here.

ALEC Member Orientation Webinar

Whether you're a new or existing member, you are invited to participate in the quarterly Member Orientation Webinar. Our first orientation is Friday, June 20, at 3:00 PM (EDT). The Member Orientation will:

  • Help you get the most out of your membership
  • Share programs and outreach opportunities for members
  • Provide an overview of ALEC research, Task Forces and events
  • Tell you about discounts and other value-added programs exclusively for ALEC members.

There truly is something for everyone. To RSVP, contact Senior Director of Membership and Development Jeff Lambert at

Once you have RSVPed, you will receive dial-in information and a link for the Webinar.

Early Registration ENDS June 13 for the 2014 Annual Meeting

Did you know? What began as an ice house in Dallas, Texas in 1927 has become the world's largest convenience store chain of nearly 53,000 stores in 16 countries, known as 7-Eleven.

2014-05-13 Dallas-Register-Now

Subcommittee meetings will be held on Wednesday morning and are listed below. Other subcommittee meetings will be announced closer to the 35-day mailing; please check our website for updates. These groups serve as advisory bodies to ALEC Task Forces, and all Task Force members are strongly encouraged to attend their Task Force's subcommittee and working group meetings. A full listing and more information on subcommittee and working group meetings are forthcoming in the 35-day mailing on June 25. In the interim, please find a sampling of subcommittees that will meet at the Annual Meeting listed below. If you have questions about a specific subcommittee, please contact your Task Force director.

Wednesday Subcommittee Meetings (more to be announced soon):

  • Labor and Business Regulation Subcommittee
  • Financial Services Subcommittee
  • K-12 Reform Subcommittee
  • Digital Learning Subcommittee
  • STEM Education Subcommittee
  • Higher Education Subcommittee
  • Public Pension Reform Working Group
  • Fiscal Policy Reform Working Group
  • Education Finance Joint Working Group
  • Health and Human Services Special Presentation
  • Energy Subcommittee
  • Agriculture Subcommittee
  • Environmental Health Subcommittee

Don't miss out on an excellent opportunity to exhibit at the ALEC 41st Annual Meeting and promote your organization to both the public and private sectors!

Always a popular networking hub, the Exhibit Hall features companies and institutions with representatives from all over the U.S.

  • Connected to the main ballroom, this exhibit hall is guaranteed to attract maximum traffic from attendees throughout the week as they enter through the hall to reach each meal session
  • The largest Exhibit Hall of any prior ALEC meeting - creative and interactive exhibits are encouraged. Please contact a member of our staff today to discuss exciting opportunities to maximize your ability to broadcast your message.
  • Meet with business and trade association leaders to discuss concerns of industries that drive our economy
  • Learn about the latest public policy innovations from America's leading think tanks and advocacy groups

Daily special events and giveaways are planned, including the ALEC "Exhibit Passport" program, a huge hit last year among both attendees and exhibitors, which will offer prizes and awards throughout the conference.

If you are interested in becoming an Exhibitor or have any questions, please contact Courtney Cook.

Rep. Hal Wick, SD (HD-12) Responds to Critics

Editorial: ALEC Ideas Are Not Partisan

The ALEC motto is "Limited Government. Free Markets. Federalism." Lawmakers who are ALEC members typically believe government is involved in too many aspects of our daily lives, and that the innovation and efficiency of an entrepreneurial private sector can create better products and services and more job growth than bureaucratic regulations. Many ALEC members also believe the federal government takes too much power out of state and local hands.

Many, many South Dakotans hold these same beliefs, whether they be Republican, Libertarian, Democrat or Independent.

...For those trying to silence discussion, I have a message: come be a part of it. Bring your ideas, but leave the attacks at home. At ALEC, we only want the best ideas from everyone, because our constituents, our states and our country deserve it.

Read the full Editorial here.

Attacks against ALEC ignorant, deceptive

These attacks against ALEC are either a result of ignorance and misinformation or a willful desire to deceive and silence competing "conservative" ideas. Thankfully, readers can make up their own minds by reading about ALEC, its mission and adopted model policies at

Ideas are not partisan and are not beholden to specific political parties, and it's beyond time to stop demonizing the simple exchange of ideas.

Read the full Letter to the Editor here.

American Legislative Exchange Council in the News

House finds itself on both sides of coal debate highlights last week's passage out of the Illinois House of a resolution "calling for the Obama Administration to allow Illinois to set its own time table developing energy standards." The resolution is consistent with the ALEC Resolution Concerning EPA Proposed Greenhouse Gas Emission Standards for New and Existing Fossil-Fueled Power Plants.

Downstate Lawmakers Push to Allow Illinois Less Stringent EPA Standards
Illinois Review reports on the overwhelming passage of a House EPA resolution consistent with an ALEC model policy, the Resolution Concerning EPA Proposed Greenhouse Gas Emission Standards for New and Existing Fossil-Fueled Power Plants. The Illinois House Resolution received broad support.

ALEC Goes Local

ALEC makes another appearance in Governing Magazine , receiving praise for its inception of the American City County Exchange. The American City County Exchange is lauded as a "smart step for ALEC."

The New War Between the States
In a National Review article, John Fund reports that from 1995-2010, over $2 trillion in adjusted gross income has moved between the states. Citing data from Rich States, Poor States, Fund contrasts how nine states without income tax gained $146 billion while nine states with high taxes lost $107 billion.

Residents and Businesses Flee California
The National Center for Policy Analysis reports that from 2000-2010, California lost 410,000 residents along with $12 billion in adjusted growth income. High taxes, high energy costs and strict regulations (source: Rich States, Poor States) are cited as reasons for the loss.

How Policy Makers Should Approach Google's Driverless Shuttles
Policy and law makers are warned by to "exercise extreme caution in defining automation technologies and functions." The article highlights ALEC model policy on autonomous vehicles.

Nevada Drops Problematic Health Exchange Website
The American Legislator reports Nevada has dropped its health exchange website due to low enrollment numbers and technological issues.

Task Force Tours

On Tuesday, ALEC hosted a successful membership reception in Harrisburg, PA at the Pennsylvania Manufacturer's Association. Attendees at the crowded event expressed desire for another ALEC reception in the fall.

Sean Riley and Ed Walton, director and legislative analyst for the Task Force on Health and Human Services, respectively , attended the 4th International Summit on the Future of Health Privacy Wednesday and Thursday in Washington, D.C. They attended sessions concerning topics such as, "Controlling Your Personal Health Information: Now is the Time."

Today, Jonathan Williams, Senior Director of the Task Force on Tax and Fiscal Policy and the Center for State Fiscal Reform, will present pension reform research on a conference call with executives from state chambers of commerce.

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