To: Scott Jenkins,
Subject: Bridges Are Safer -- For Now
Date: Thu Jun 05 12:25:43 MDT 2014

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How Much Each State Has to Cut Carbon Emissions Under New EPA Regulations

The Environmental Protection Agency used a formula that considers where states are now and where they could be by 2030, leading to wide variation in emissions targets.

States Push to Make Voting More Convenient

State legislatures have seen dozens of bills related to election reform so far in 2014. And unlike recent years, most of them are trying to make it easier to vote.

States Trying to Get Drugs to the Dying Faster

A few states want to make experimental drugs available to terminally ill people without the FDA's approval -- an idea popularized by the movie "Dallas Buyers Club." Critics say the laws could be harmful to public health.


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Number of West Virginians who have won Powerball tickets worth at least $1 million in 2014. The state ranks first in per capita lottery winnings.

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June 5, 2014

Under Scrutiny, States Trim List of Bad Bridges

All but nine states have decreased the number of "structurally deficient" bridges since the fatal Minneapolis bridge collapse in 2007. But experts warn that if Congress doesn't find the money to continue or increase current funding levels, the number of troubled bridges could start climbing again.


Today's Headlines from Around the Nation

U.S. Supreme Court Refuses to Block Gay Marriages in Oregon
Rabbis Challenge North Carolina's Gay Marriage Ban
1 of 3 Remote California Counties Vote for Secession
South Dakota's Current and Past Governor Won GOP Primary Races for Governor, U.S. Senate
Health & Human Services
Feds: No, Georgia Can't Drug Test Food Stamp Users
It's Very Difficult for Patients to Compare Hospital Prices
Medicaid Enrollment Surged in April
44 States Get $105M in Drug Settlement
Las Vegas Approves Medical Marijuana Rules
Baltimore's Building a Fence to Keep Out the Homeless
Infrastructure & Environment
8 States Pass Anti-EPA Resolutions
Uber Will Offer Boat Service in Boston
Reducing Traffic by Changing Commuting Habits
Management & Labor
Colorado AG Backs Firing of Medical-Marijuana Patient
Public Safety & Justice
Chris Christie: Camden Policing Works
New Jersey Returns Partial Control of Schools to Districts
How Water, Waste and Energy Systems
Shape Our Future

Our cities are massive, interconnected systems marked by complexity. But often the most crucial components of urban life are overlooked because they happen underground or out of view. In this edition of FutureStructure, we examine three of these critical systems - water, waste and energy.

Read the paper here.

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