From: Ellen Seljan
To: Scott Jenkins,
Subject: Campaign finance enforcement
Date: Wed Jun 04 15:53:24 MDT 2014

Dear Senator Jenkins,

We are writing to ask you complete an anonymous survey to help us complete research on the enforcement of campaign finance law in your state.  We already have some compelling preliminary research findings, but a small response rate prevents us from drawing conclusions for all 50 states individually.  Our questions are mostly about your perceptions of your state agency or hypothetical situations, not personal experiences.  All questions can be skipped if preferred. 

Completing our short survey, which will take less than 10 minutes, will help us analyze which practices of state campaign finance agencies work best.  After you complete the survey, you will be provided a link that shares our preliminary findings on that research question, as well as interesting facts on the average cost of state legislative campaigns and independent spending.

Please help us with our research by taking the survey at the following link:

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Ellen Seljan
Lewis & Clark College

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