From: Social Media Attorney Mark Fiedelholtz
To: Scott Jenkins,
Subject: 3 reasons courts are rejecting so many social media policies.
Date: Wed Jun 04 13:18:22 MDT 2014
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Important Social Media Liability Update 
by Media Law Attorney Mark Fiedelholtz
Here's Why Most Social Media Policies Don't Protect You In Court

Courts reject policies that are copied from another organization and aren't enforced with specialized mass media law training.

 "Courts view social media as high liability broadcasting platforms. Employers must shift the training form general labor law warnings to
in-depth mass media law posting strategies."


3 Myths That Cost You Big Legal Damages


Myth 1. We don't need an outside expert, our attorney can conduct the training..


Truth:  Courts find it unreasonable to assume a busy in-house attorney could produce the same in-depth training as an expert electronic media law trainer.


Myth 2: We haven't been sued yet, so we don't need to offer specialized training.

Truth: Social media lawsuits are front page news. This means you knew or should have known an employee would make a mistake on social media.


Myth 3: We have budget cuts and can't afford a media law expert.


Truth: Courts have little tolerance for penny wise and pound foolish people who claim they can't afford a $295 DVD program, but can pay a $500,000 libel claim. 


It's Not If You Will Be Sued, It's When


DVD Program Trains Your Entire Department For $295

(Pre-Approved For SHRM Recertification Hours) 


No more time-sensitive webinars or costly conferences that leave you with more questions than answers. 

"Very informative and a more in-depth level than any other social media course I have taken."
~ Sue Dry, Deputy HR Director, Lancaster, PA
Discover the critical compliance actions you must take to protect your organization, yourself and your employees:
  • New court rulings on an public record requests for data on an employee's personal smartphone
  • 3 powerful strategies on retaining social media content for a lawsuit or public record request.
  • How to prevent social media harassment claims
  • Why employees must know the new libel laws impacting personal blogs
  • Hidden liabilities of texting co-workers and others
  • Defining what is a protected social media opinion
  • 7 social media policy gaps you must close
  • 4 strategies that eliminate invasion of privacy claims on employee private social media accounts
  • How using social media to communicate with 
    co-workers and the public exposes you to risk
  • What specific words trigger social media discrimination
  • What constitutes a protected social media opinion under the First Amendment and much more.
What You Receive 
DVD and Information-Packed Workbook
Your Investment
Only $295.00 To Train Your Organization



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