From: The County Seat Television Program
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Subject: Broadband infrastructure in Rural Utah
Date: Fri Jun 06 22:53:41 MDT 2014
Connecting Rural Utah    

  Expanding Broadband Coverage Across the State  


A connection to the internet has become a necessity of life for many of us. That access allows people to connect their ideas, products, and services but requires infrastructure that can be challenging to install in the more rural areas of the state, prompting the question: What is needed to bring broadband to rural Utah.  


The Utah Broadband Project was established in 2011 to map available services and plan for future expansion of services. The goal of expanding the availability of broadband internet service is to create a level playing field for communities and businesses across the state.  


The County Seat attended a recent conference in Delta, Utah that discussed the benefits and potential hurdles to expanding broadband internet coverage in rural communities across the state. Tune in this Sunday 8:30am ABC4UTAH to find out what we learned about the exciting possibilities along with the challenges to expanding broadband in the rural communities of Utah.  


The Greater Sage Grouse   

  What would a threatened listing mean for Utah and the West


Back in March 2010 The US Fish and Wildlife Service declared that the Greater Sage Grouse was warranted for listing as a threatened species under the endangered species act. The bird was precluded from a formal listing at that time because of higher priority species. A looming final decision has created a mad dash to the finish line, by states, counties, private citizens, and federal land managers.  


This week on the County Seat we will look at the good work that is taking place across the state as plans come together and people work to keep the Sage Grouse off of the Endangered Species List.   


There is a consensus that the landscape will change but US Fish and Wildlife has assured people that it won't be the end of the world. But what would a listing mean for Utah and would it help the Sage Grouse? 


Tune in this Sunday at 8:30am on ABC4UTAH or click the picture above to link to our YouTube Channel.


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