From: Mike Elliott, MMIG
To: Scott Jenkins,
Subject: Crime down in Colorado since legalization
Date: Fri Jun 06 22:00:53 MDT 2014
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Data released by the City of Denver indicates that crime rates have decreased since Colorado legalized marijuana. Additionally, a new study concludes that state medical marijuana law "may be correlated with a reduction in homicide and assault rates."  


The following articles add to the mounting evidence that reforming marijuana laws may reduce crime.  


Crime is Down in Denver Since Legalization

  • "Colorado Crime Rates Down 14.6% Since Legalizing Marijuana", By Christina Sarich 4/19/14 Click here
  • "After 3 Months of Legal Pot Sales, Denver Still Not A Crime-Filled Hellscape", By Matt Ferner 4/7/14 Click here
  • "3 Months Later, Here's What Denver Looks Like Since Legalizing Marijuana", By Tom McKay 4/10/14 Click here
  • "Crime in Denver Decreases After Pot Legalization", By Raul Duke 4/10/14 Click here

Marijuana Reform May Actually Reduce Crime


From Around the World

  • "More Pot, Safer Roads: Marijuana Legalization Could Bring Unexpected Benefits", By Jacob Sullum 4/3/14 Click here
  • "Northern California's Illegal Marijuana Trade Takes Deadly Toll", By Julie Johnson 10/6/13 Click here
  • "Legalizing Marijuana Would End Black market, Says Israeli Study", By Tzvi Ben-Gedalyahu 10/2/13 Click here

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