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Subject: 12 things learned from burning houses; How to improve recruiting
Date: Tue Jun 10 23:19:56 MDT 2014
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June 10, 2014
Dear Fire Chief Subscriber,
I'm very pleased to announce Chief John Buckman III has joined our team as Fire Chief and FireRescue1's Leadership Advisor. Chief Buckman brings 40 years of fire service experience to Fire Chief, ranging from serving as fire chief of a small volunteer fire department to his term as president of the International Association of Fire Chiefs. He's someone who understands the macro and micro issues facing fire chiefs, and we're excited to bring you his insights.

Chief Buckman attended last month's fire-behavior research burns in South Carolina. See what happened and how that data may change our firefighting tactics.
Rick Markley, Editor in Chief of Fire Chief and FireRescue1
Featured Article
12 things learned about fire behavior from burning homes
By John Buckman, FR1 Contributor
If we have learned most of what we know about fire behavior from our experience, was it the right experience? Still making mistakes
Videos: NIST and UL research on fire dynamics
Check these out to learn about fire dynamics and firefighting tactics
Burning buildings: Why fire science matters
Research is critical, but what we do with the results is more important
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Exclusive Articles
4 ways to not get steamrolled by details
By Dennis Rubin, FR1 Columnist
How in the world can the person in charge make sure that just about everything goes right? That is the $64,000 question and it requires paying attention all of the time.
Vote vs appoint: How to pick a fire chief
By Fire Chief Staff
Finding the right leaders is difficult and no system is foolproof. Many volunteer departments have a long tradition of voting for chiefs and chief officers. And we asked our readers if that was the best system for picking a chief. What do you think?
Leadership Tips
4 steps to successful firefighter recruiting
By Linda Willing, FR1 Columnist
If you're like many fire chiefs, you know you have a recruitment problem. In order to improve recruitment outcomes, it helps to start by redefining what recruitment is. Happens every day
Command Post
Operation of FEMA USAR teams, newly promoted officer tips
In this week's podcast, hosts Lt. Rom Duckworth and Chief Rob Wylie discuss why six University City, Mo. firefighters were suspended for three months without pay after posing for campaign photos. Listen in
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Featured News
Former PGFD Fire Chief named D.C.’s interim chief
Mich. firefighters vote ‘no confidence’ in fire chief
Black Forest fire chief claims PTSD, takes medical leave
N.C. bill could land fire chiefs in jail over industrial secrets
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Lawmaker asks Ill. Gov. to honor military firefighting certifictions
If you've used this type of reciprocity, how did it work? If you don't, would you want it for your department?
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