From: Ereita Zimmerman
To: Scott Jenkins,
Subject: Demand for Redress: Save Our Farms & Gardens from Govt!
Date: Wed Jun 11 02:54:56 MDT 2014
The FDA-empowering [sic] "Food Safety Modernization Act" is failing and should be repealed. Recent irrational power grabs by FDA, such as 2014 the ridiculous banning of artisanal wood cheese-aging boards shows just how out-of-control the agency has become. Consider the 2013 story of how Morningside Dairy, a family business, was persecuted and destroyed by govt regulation, please learn about it here: -- the abuse of this family farm early in 2013 has been followed by a series of state and federal raids on local, organic and family farms and gardens. This must STOP! As a voting citizen I want you. as my representative, to sponsor, cosponsor or support legislation lifting the burden of regulation from family, organic and local food producers and distributors. We interpret what happened to the Morningstar family business to be a classic struggle between honest, hard working citizens and a bureaucracy run-wild, backed by a judiciary with no sense of equity. IF THE LAW ALLOWED THIS; YOU MUST CHANGE THE LAW! Our Natural Solution is simple: EXEMPT FAMILY, ORGANIC, LOCAL FARMS, GARDENS and DISTRIBUTORS from all the panoply of Federal and State regulation that may be needed to protect us from GMO and toxin-laced factory farm production, but which are completely unjustified when dealing with family farms, organic and local food production. Do it now. I will never vote for representatives who do not demand the reduction of regulatory burdens on our local food production. Ereita Zimmerman 2008 W 4350 S Roy, UT 84067