From: Matt Gibby
To: Scott Jenkins,
Subject: Common Core in Utah
Date: Thu Jun 12 19:50:00 MDT 2014
Hello Senator Jenkins,
Thanks for all you do for our great state.  I would like to express to you my desire for Utah to follow the example of Oklahoma in repealing Common Core in the state.  Regardless of how it is branded or what excuses are used to say that we're still independed from a federal program, I'm not buying it.  Common Core is bad.  I don't want the federal government messing with our education standards.  I don't want some large corporations with ties to powerful politicians negatively influencing our educational system in order to make huge profits through testing services.
I would ask that you would sponsor or support legislation to get Utah out of this disaster that is Common Core.  I have six kids and one on the way.  I don't want to go to a homeschooling option.  However, the education of my children is paramount to my wife and I and we won't stand by and allow our children to be taught curriculum that has some political agenda or that makes no sense.
Thank you,

Matthew Gibby
3467 West 5400 South
Roy, Utah 84067