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You're Invited - "On the Rocketship: Expanding the high-quality charter school movement"

June 26, 2014 from 4:00 PM to 5:30 PM

Thomas B. Fordham Institute
1016 16th Street, NW; 7th Floor
Washington, D.C. 20036

Join the Fordham Institute for a conversation about how top charter schools are pushing the envelope in education.

ALEC Member Orientation Webinar

Whether you're a new or existing member, you are invited to participate in the quarterly Member Orientation Webinar. Our first orientation is Friday, June 20, at 3:00 PM (EDT). The Member Orientation will:

  • Help you get the most out of your membership
  • Share programs and outreach opportunities for members
  • Provide an overview of ALEC research, Task Forces and events
  • Tell you about discounts and other value-added programs exclusively for ALEC members.

To RSVP, contact Senior Director of Membership and Development Jeff Lambert at Once you have RSVPed, you will receive dial-in information and a link for the Webinar.

ACCE city hallDo you know city or county council members who support limited government, free markets and federalism?

Invite them to join the American City County Exchange Council, America's only non-partisan free market forum for municipal policymakers.

Governing Magazine explains the need for the American City County Exchange in its June edition:

Cities and counties have problems as various as their enormous numbers, but they tend to have in common concerns such as zoning, land use, placement of cell towers and, of course, taxes.

Early Registration ENDS June 13 for the 2014 Annual Meeting

Did you know? The integrated circuit computer chip (which became the microchip) was invented in Dallas in 1958.

2014-05-13 Dallas-Register-Now

Have you made your plans to attend the 2014 Annual Meeting? If not, register today before Early Bird Pricing ends.

Keynote speakers include the Honorables New Gingrich and Jim DeMint, Oklahoma Attorney General Scott Pruitt and noted economists Dr. Art Laffer and Stephen Moore, among others.

Annual Meeting has a full schedule, from Wednesday's Opening Luncheon and Welcome Reception with BBQ and armadillo races to Friday's State Night and the annual Saturday Prayer Breakfast. Subcommittee meetings take place Wednesday morning, with Task Force meetings on Thursday and Friday and workshops throughout. Please check the agenda for more details.

Dallas is a perfect vacation spot to bring the family. Spouses are welcome to join in the regular programming or create their own adventures with all Dallas has to offer. Kids Congress , for children aged six months to 17 years, provides education and entertaining activities, including a trip to the George W. Bush Presidential Library and Museum.

American Legislative Exchange Council in the News

Research and Commentary: Right to Work Policies
The Heartland Institute discusses the positive effect of Right to Work laws on state economies and populations. The report refers to Rich States, Poor States as a "forward looking measure of how states can expect to perform."

Issa Probes Federal ' Bullying' in Tree-Trimming Bird Accident
Newsmax covers Congressman Darrell Issa's reaction to federal overcriminalization, citing an ALEC Justice Performance Project study on the subject.

Ohio bill revisits Kasich's 2012 clean-energy plan
News Daily highlights efforts in Ohio to discourage government mandated regulation of carbon emissions in Ohio consistent with ALEC model policy.

Will Obama's Climate Initiative Become the Obamacare of Regulations?
As the EPA's Clean Power Plan continues to unfold, Planetizen reports on eight states that have approved resolutions consistent with an ALEC model to reduce the impact of the EPA mandate.

States Testing Obama's Carbon Limits
An article from discusses concerns surrounding states' adoption of EPA carbon emission standards. ALEC model policy to reduce EPA control over the states is highlighted.

Ind. Gov't - "The American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) is expanding its reach beyond the states to local governments"
The Indiana Law Blog links to the June issue of Governing magazine highlighting the need for the American City County Exchange, an ALEC initiative that fosters the exchange of ideas for municipal governments.

Big Brother: Meet the Parents
Politico reports on the rising influence of parents against data mining of their children and efforts by both the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) and ALEC to increase student privacy protections.

Some states already lashing at climate rule
Politico discusses preemptive action taken in a number of states consistent with an ALEC model resolution to resist EPA overregulation of state emissions standards.

Conservatives and coal industry are rallying troops against Obama's climate rules highlights an ALEC model, the Resolution Concerning EPA Proposed Greenhouse Gas Emission Standards for New and Existing Fossil-Fueled Power Plants, that opposes EPA regulation of carbon emissions.

Consumer Behavior and Retail Bag Usage
An article at the American Legislator blog reaffirms the ALEC position of retail bag use: consumers should be free to choose the type of bag they desire and governments shouldn't get involved.

Task Force Tours

Draft model policies for consideration are due to your task force director at NOON on MONDAY, June 16. Please contact your task force director if you have any questions or concerns.

This Saturday, Will Freeland of the Center for State Fiscal Reform will give a Rich States, Poor States presentation to the Americans for Prosperity North Carolina chapter in Charlotte, NC.

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A charter school policy wonk-a-thon is taking place at the Fordham Institute website. Check out the variety of submissions from across the charter school spectrum.

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