From: Allen Halm
Subject: Contact local residents via email today
Date: Thu Jun 12 15:06:13 MDT 2014

Insurance Pro's,

At FirstChoice we specialize in compiling emails for local homeowners and Businesses.
We provide the Homeowners email address, first name, last name and full mailing address with every record. We can also compile emails for business owners based on location and sic code.

By having the email address of the local homeowner & business you're essentially eliminating the time and cost of a traditional mailing campaign. We also show our clients how to email out to several hundred recipients at once to make your campaign time efficient.

Unlike any other provider we have an air tight exclusivity policy with our data. The records you purchase will not be resold to another Insurance agent. 

The lists are also yours to keep with no contractual obligation. The only ongoing commitment  is our 200% replacement guarantee. We will essentially send you (2) new records for each invalid (1).
If you would like to know how many local commercial or residential emails we have for your area, please give us a call or simply reply to this email.


W. Allen Halm

FirstChoice Manager


Corporate address:

96 Main Street

Big Flats, NY 14814


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