From: Steve Hershey Kroes
To: Scott Jenkins,
Subject: Are we ready for five million Utahns?
Date: Wed Jun 18 23:09:15 MDT 2014
Five Million Utahns Will Need Homes, Utilities, and Roads
Planning for infrastructure needs
Utah's population is projected to nearly double, with 2.5 million more people by 2050. This growth will result in an older, more diverse population. New Utahns will need places to live, reliable sources of energy to support their needs, and a good transportation network to get to work, recreation, or school.  How we plan for and build infrastructure to meet these needs will have significant impacts on our quality of life.

Today, we release a new report, Roadmap to 2050: Planning for Utah's Future Infrastructure Needs. Its findings include these facts:
  • Utah's development pattern has been noted as moderate to high urban sprawl by several different studies.
  • However, infill and redevelopment in the Wasatch Front is already higher than in peer regions and expected population growth will increase the need for this type of development.
  • Many changes are occurring in Utah's energy sector, and it appears that Utah's renewable portfolio goal of 20 percent of retail electric sales by 2025 is attainable.  
  • Households along the Wasatch Front spend 26 percent of annual income on transportation, seven percent more than the national average.
  • Expanding communities in outlying areas will create transportation challenges by increasing the number and distance of household trips, reducing the viability of transit systems while increasing environmental impacts and the risk of wildfire damage. 
This report is the second in a series of Utah Foundation reports on Utah's projected population growth and its impacts. Please visit our website for a summary of the report and a link to download the full report. Feel free to comment or ask questions about the report on the website and share it on your favorite social media.
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