From: Utah College Republicans
To: Scott Jenkins,
Subject: Double your investment in America's future
Date: Wed Jun 18 22:47:12 MDT 2014

Fellow Republicans,

As the newly elected Utah Federation of College Republicans Executive Board we want to thank you for your commitment to public service, conservative values, and the future of this great nation. We are also writing to ask for your help in supporting the rising generation. We have an ambitious agenda for the 2014 election cycle and a goal to fundraise $5000 dollars before school starts in August, and have managed to raise $1050 so far. In addition, we currently have a generous donor who has agreed to match every dollar that we raise during the coming months.

The Utah Federation of College Republicans (UFCR) recruits, trains, mobilizes, and engages college-aged students in every university across the state to win elections and advocate for conservative ideals. Our efforts—whether disseminating campaign literature, canvassing neighborhoods, placing lawn signs, or calling voters—make the difference in Republican victories and drive our party forward. For many students, campus activism is their gateway into the Republican Party. Our goal is to build and foster lifelong allegiance with the party and the conservative movement for Utah college students.
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Getting the next generation involved and excited about the party is crucial for the party’s success. In 2012, Barack Obama held over 60% of the youth vote. The UFCR combats this by uniting all of the College Republican chapters in Utah and hosting events that are both educational and appealing to youth.  Such events include the College Republican’s Strike Concert, “Pizza and Politics” (political discussions and speakers on campus coupled with free pizza for attendees), A Celebration of Second Amendment Rights and Gun Safety Training Night, chapter leadership training sessions, and a statewide “Thank You WWII Veterans” service project in conjunction with the Honor Flight organization.

One of the main purposes of the UFCR is to help Republican candidates get elected. We are the volunteer base of the party and we provide opportunities for college students to engage in helping the Republican candidates of their choice. We have College Republican chapters at every university across the state that are willing and able to plan and promote events, knock doors, and pass out campaign literature on the behalf of Republican candidates on every level of government. In 2012 we sent over 1,000 students to Nevada to campaign for Mitt Romney every weekend for more than a month, last fall we helped plan a rally for Senator Mike Lee that had over 2,000 in attendance, and this past May we sent over 50 students to Kentucky to knock doors for Senator Mitch McConnell. All of our College Republican chapters have been working on elections in their respective areas as well. With this being such an important election year, it is imperative that we help Republicans win in the general election to maintain the House and take back the Senate.   


We need your help in engaging the youth of America in public service, ensuring Republican candidates win their elections, and sharing the importance of conservative ideals. Whether you can contribute $500, $250, $50, or even $20, any amount would be truly appreciated. Richard Votaw, former vice-chair of the Salt Lake County Republican Party, has been a big supporter of College Republicans throughout the years. He is continuing to lend his support as a generous donor, and has pledged to match any money that is raised as a result of this letter. Support College Republicans now while the donation will go twice as far! Please make checks payable to:  

The UFCR c/o Courtney Brinkerhoff
                        PO Box 9004
                        Cedar City, UT 84720

You can also donate electronically by clicking here.  Thank you for your support.

Best Regards,

The Utah Federation of College Republicans Executive Board

Bryce Christensen, Chair
D. Candice Backus, Vice Chair
Fallon Ferris, Secretary
Courtney Brinkerhoff, Treasurer
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