To: Scott Jenkins,
Subject: A First in Century Bonds
Date: Fri Jun 20 12:15:29 MDT 2014

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An Effortless Way to Save for Retirement

After years of cutting public workers' retirement benefits, states are slowly adopting common private-sector practices that automatically enroll employees in savings plans and automatically increase how much people put away each month.

Dental Therapists Fill Medicaid Holes and Dentists’ Pockets

A new study suggests dental therapists would boost dentists’ profits and help more Medicaid patients get care. So why are dentists so opposed to states’ efforts to license them?

Districts Re-Evaluate How to Keep Kids in School and Out of Trouble

A recent report seeks to help states and school districts updating their policies to avoid suspending students for bad behavior -- a practice studies show makes them more vulnerable to dropping out and getting in trouble with the law.


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Percent of consistently liberal Americans who have an unfavorable view of Fox News. Seventy-one percent of their conservative counterparts say the same about MSNBC.

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June 20, 2014

Public Utilities May Enter the Century Bond Market

D.C. Water and Sewer Authority is contemplating being the nation's first public utility to issue a bond that's paid off over 100 years.


Today's Headlines from Around the Nation

Medicaid Expansion Fails to Make Montana Ballot
Former Porn Actor Running for Local School Board
Health & Human Services
Study Rates States on Long-Term Care
N.Y. Makes a Drug Deal to Legalize Medical Marijuana
Management & Labor
Supreme Court: Public Employees Protected When Exposing Corruption
S/C. Legislators Vote Themselves a $12,000 Pay Hike
Public Safety & Justice
California Prisoners Sterilized without Legal Consent
Wis. Governor Accused of Running 'Criminal Scheme'
N.Y. Delays Grading Teachers on Common Core Tests
D.C. Won't Use Tests for Teacher Evaluations Next Year
IBM's Next-Generation Smart City Solutions

With the launch of its next-generation smart city solutions, IBM has directed its thinking toward three main themes, which are tailored for cities, holistic in their execution, and interconnected. These are: Planning and Management, Infrastructure Planning, and Human Services.
Read the paper here.

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Better, Faster, Cheaper

Paying the Price to Keep Government’s Best Workers

Trying to retain its most talented employees in a competitive job market, North Carolina gave thousands of them a pay raise.


B&G Report: The Next VA Scandal and the Pros and Cons of Appointed Employee Contracts

All the public-sector management news you need to know.


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