From: Balanced Budget Amendment Task Force
To: Scott Jenkins,
Subject: Conference Call: - Amendment needed to restrain federal spending - Friday, June 20, 2014 at 4:00 EST
Date: Thu Jun 19 21:16:36 MDT 2014
Amendment Needed to Restrain Federal Spending

Dear Scott,  


You are invited to participate in the Balanced Budget Amendment Task Force's weekly conference call to move forward the campaign to reach the necessary 34 state applications requesting a Convention for Proposing Amendments to solely consider a Balanced Budget Amendment.


We have assembled the nation's best experts on the history of Article V and the Balanced Budget Amendment. We hope you will join the campaign!


Please join us Fridays at 4:00 PM EST


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1. Roman Buhler Discusses Delegate Limitation Act and the Mt. Vernon Assembly


2. Defend Article V Application North Carolina


3. Discuss Article V Education Events


4. Discuss Fundraising 


5. Updates from the BBA Task Force and Coalition Members


In Liberty,


Scott Rogers

Executive Director

Balanced Budget Amendment Task Force

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Amendment needed to restrain federal spending
constiution 2

From Indy Star June 18, 2014

Some are saying that state legislatures banding together and working toward a balanced budget amendment to the U.S. Constitution will open the convention to other issues. This need not be. The wording of the resolutions passed in various states can control content. In fact, 32 of the states in the late 1970s and early '80s passed such a resolution; 34 were needed to force a convention. Today, the issue is considerably more critical.


It is not a complicated issue. The amendment would say that, in any fiscal year, the federal government shall not spend more than it takes in (except in case of war or natural disaster). Businesses must live within their income. Families and individuals must. Why do we allow the federal government to relish in the luxury of undisciplined spending?


Congress is unwilling to bridle spending; so why not let the states, working in concert, force the issue and perhaps save the union from bankruptcy?


D. L. Robinson

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Wisconsin Assembly OKs amendment convention request  


Arizona BBA Application HCR 2017 passes House Rules Committee 8-0 

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The work of the Balanced Budget Amendment, Inc. is solely dependent on our supporters, so please join with us and ensure our nation's future prosperity through the adoption of a federal balanced budget amendment.


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Amendment Needed to Restrain Federal Spending
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