From: American Addiction Centers
To: Scott Jenkins,
Subject: AAC Weekly: 10 Tips to Create Balance in Your Life
Date: Thu Jun 19 17:24:10 MDT 2014
American Addiction Centers
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June | 19 | 2014
If you’re like me, the word “summer” no longer means three months of vacation and relaxation (if does mean three months of vacation enjoy it while it lasts). For the rest of us summer now means endless errands, bringing kids back and forth to summer camp, getting all those house projects done, trying out all those cool DIY projects on our Pinterest boards, and the list goes on. As our lists grow it can get a bit stressful, but there are ways to help you alleviate stress and create balance in your life.

Post Acute Withdrawal (PAW) Symptoms

Many symptoms of alcohol and drug withdrawal are the result of the toxic effects these chemicals have on the brain. These symptoms are called Post Acute Withdrawal (PAW). PAW can be more severe for some clients for others. Below is a list of conditions that tend to worsen the damage and aggravate PAW symptoms.  Read More

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