From: Campaign for America's Future
To: Scott Jenkins,
Subject: Congress Must Act to Keep Social Security's Promise
Date: Tue Jun 24 18:33:26 MDT 2014
Campaign for America's Future

No matter who you are, or where you come from, Social Security is there for all Americans when they retire. It is a benefit that is passed on to children and spouses in the event of death.

There's just one problem: Some states don't recognize sames-sex marriages. That's why Senator Patty Murray and Representative Allyson Schwartz have introduced the Social Security and Marriage Equality Act of 2014. 

The Social Security and Marriage Equality Act (Or SAME Act) will ensure survivor benefits for all legally married persons - even in states that don't recognize marriage equality.

Click here to tell Congress that Social Security is for all of us and to support the SAME Act.

Social Security isn't just for retirees. The Act was intended to protect dependents of breadwinners who are incapacitated.

Help ensure that Social Security works for everyone: Sign our petition in support of the SAME Act.

This should be a technical fix, but some members of Congress are playing politics. They need to hear our voice: A marriage is a marriage, and Social Security belongs to all of us.

Thank you for everything,

Roger Hickey
Campaign for America's Future


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