From: Christiane Turner
To: Quantum NLP Law of Attraction,
Subject: [Quantum NLP Law of Attraction] A wonderful testimonial about the power of the...
Date: Wed Jun 25 19:08:44 MDT 2014
Christiane Turner
Christiane Turner 1:08pm Jun 25
A wonderful testimonial about the power of the Law of Attraction from one of my students in China:
"I was taking a business trip and was very worried about the outcome of the meeting, because it had great significance for my company.
I started meditating and realized that I could use the LOA to get rid of my worries and that I could influence the outcome of the meeting. I filled myself with positive energy and affirmed that everything would go well. And if I would encounter any problems along the way, I would come up with solutions.
On the day of the meeting I did encounter some problems. My old self would have been stressed out, but instead I stayed calm and in my power. It turned out to be a very successful business trip for me and my company."

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