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June 26, 2014
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Utah Valley Chamber of Commerce

The Utah Valley Chamber of Commerce has launched, an economic development partnership website promoting participating communities in Utah County. The site is rich with area information, such as community profiles, demographics, available commercial real estate properties, available incentives and loans, community contacts and training opportunities.

The site was designed to promote business and economic development in the Utah Valley, which is a national leader in entrepreneurial activity. The Provo-Orem metro area was recently ranked the number one metro in the nation for information jobs and the sixth best for economic and job growth. We hope you'll visit the site and see what the Utah Valley has to offer.

Today's Economic Review also includes links to many of the ED-related news stories from the past week. As always, if you have comments, suggestions or topics you'd like to see in the Economic Review, please contact us by clicking the "Comments" link on the bottom of this page. Enjoy!

Jeff Edwards

Jeff Edwards
President and CEO


UCAN portal

The Utah Capabilities Assessment Network is an online portal that connects Utah's manufacturing companies and will help bring work back to the state.

Feature Story
Bringing Business Back to Utah

The missing link isn't missing any more, at least in terms of supply chain management in Utah's manufacturing sector. And the implications could be a game changer for the Beehive State.

A little more than two years ago, the Utah Manufacturers Association convened a contingent of about 30 prominent manufacturing executives in the state to answer the question: "How do we improve Utah's manufacturing industry?" The meetings involved executives from companies like Autoliv, ATK, L-3, Rio Tinto, Mighty-Lite, Merit Medical and Boeing. One of the outcomes of that process was the development of the Utah Capabilities Assessment Network (UCAN), an online portal that connects Utah's manufacturing companies to bring work back to the state.

"Utah manufacturers are eager to determine whether they can reduce costs, shorten lead times and increase quality in their supply chains through more local partnerships," says Todd Bingham, president of the Utah Manufacturers Association. "They want to keep more business in Utah, rather than outsourcing it to other states or foreign countries. Our big manufacturers are looking for companies in Utah that can do the type of work they are currently outsourcing."

The challenge, however, was that many Utah manufacturers didn't have the time to search for local suppliers. It's too laborious a process. Outside of word or mouth, networking events or Google searches, tracking down local suppliers was difficult.

That, he says, is why UCAN was developed. Initially called the Virtual Industrial Park, UCAN is a secure, online portal launched in April to connect and align manufacturers. Through UCAN, individual manufacturers and suppliers can identify capabilities, certifications, capacities and much more. The platform offers Utah manufacturers the ability to query the database using key words, industry segments or regions, NAICS codes, capacities, machinery, equipment and certifications to produce lists of possible Utah companies that might meet their needs.

Bingham says Utah companies can search for in-state manufacturers of parts, components, processes, sub-assemblies–including capacities, certifications, equipment and key contacts–through the online portal.

"It's all there at their fingertips," he adds. As for populating the database, Bingham says a company can input its data in about an hour. The more data entered, the more searchable the company will be to the other companies in the database. Companies can update data as needed, so it is always current. UCAN also provides the ability to upload project bids, communicate with other manufacturers and manage and track the bid process. A metric page in development will allow companies to know who has visited their pages and requested information.

The Utah Manufacturers Association worked with manufacturers of all sizes and industries, their customers and other industry constituents to methodically determine what company-specific information should be collected and inserted into the database, along with the criterion necessary to identify potential opportunities for Utah manufacturers. Even before the online portal went live it had paid off in terms of bringing work back to Utah. Bingham says during portal development meetings, leaders from a large Utah manufacturer discussed their need for a local supplier of defense-related antenna arrays. Leaders from a structural steel company, also in the meetings, said they could fill that need.

"A $70 million contract was the result," Bingham notes. "During another meeting, leaders from a large defense contractor expressed difficulty in finding a local cable company. Another leader in the room knew a Utah company that provided the exact product and had the necessary certifications. Before we rolled the system out, by simply having 20 supply chain managers in one room, we generated more than $100 million in projects that are coming back to Utah."

UCAN, he says, connects Utah's manufacturers, and that in turn will mean hiring more employees, paying more taxes and creating more economic development. From that perspective, the UCAN portal can show what the supply chain is like in Utah. For example, a company looking to locate here could use the database to find out if there are enough local suppliers for the products it needs. The company could generate a list of possible suppliers, see the certifications and equipment they have and determine if it will have the supply chain it needs to be successful.

Bingham says economic developers would also find the UCAN portal useful for identifying gaps in the supply chain in order to do strategic business recruitment. "If there is a gap," he says, "specific companies meeting the needs of manufacturers could be recruited to locate here."

Now that the UCAN portal is online, Bingham's biggest objective is to get Utah companies to populate their data and begin using it. St. George-based Wilson Electronics, he says, is in the process of uploading a bid to the portal as the company searches for a Utah company that can make injection-molded or die cast aluminum cases for its cell phone boosters, which are currently manufactured in Shanghai.

"Wilson Electronics would love to obtain those products in Utah," he says. "From a reshoring standpoint, we hope to bring some of those jobs back to Utah. I think we can do it simply by identifying companies locally that might be interested and capable of performing that work."

Development for the UCAN portal was funded through a Utah Cluster Acceleration Partnership grant and from industry contributions. It was built in four months, he notes, but will continue to be tweaked until it completely meets the needs of Utah manufacturers.

To promote UCAN, Utah Manufacturers Association members are hosting numerous events. Campbell Scientific will host an event on June 30. Other events have been hosted by Utah Industrial Supply, ATK, Mighty-Lite, Wilson Electronics, Barnes Aerospace and L-3. For the events, manufacturing companies are asked to invite their supply chains and, where possible, data from the companies is entered into the portal on the spot.

Bingham is proud to say there is nothing else like Utah's UCAN portal. It is industry-driven and industry-hosted. Ultimately, it was designed to bring business back to Utah and he hopes Utah's manufacturing businesses will get on board and take advantage of the opportunity to do just that.

Investor Spotlight
Cuisine Unlimited Catering and Special Events

When Maxine Turner created Cuisine Unlimited in 1980, she didn't set out to be the biggest caterer in the business, only the best. And in the 34 years since, Cuisine Unlimited Catering and Special Events has truly become one of the best in the business. Its many accolades bear that out. The Turners just returned from Washington, DC, where they received the Blue Ribbon Small Business Award from the U.S. Chamber of Commerce. The company was one of seven businesses selected for the honor out of a field of more than 1,000 companies. Earlier this year, Maxine Turner was named Utah's 2014 International Woman of the Year by the Organization of Women in International Trade. In 2010, Cuisine Unlimited became part of Inc. Magazine's prestigious list of the "Fastest-Growing Businesses in America" and was selected again in 2013.

The Salt Lake City-based company plans to organize a U.S. pavilion at the 2016 Rio de Janeiro Olympic Games and has provided catering services at four other Olympic Games. Cuisine Unlimited was the official caterer at USA House during the Athens and Torino Games and, in 2002, provided more than 350 meals during the Salt Lake Winter Olympics. The company also catered the Official Proceedings and CBS at the 2008 Republican National Convention.

Cuisine Unlimited has been an EDCUtah investor since 1997 and has been involved in numerous economic development events as both a caterer and partner. She describes Cuisine Unlimited as a catering company with a passion for food and an obsession with detail. "We combine fine food and quality service to make every occasion memorable," she adds.

For more information visit, or call 801-268-2332.


June 27
Moab On the Edge 3rd Annual Business Summit, 8:30 a.m. - 12:30 p.m. (Moab)

July 14
UTC 12th Annual Golf Invitational (Salt Lake Country Club). Sponsor and connect with more than 100 high-level executives from Utah companies.

Aug. 3
Taste of the Wasatch Noon to 4 p.m. (Solitude Mountain Resort)

Aug. 18
Salt Lake Chamber Small Business 9-Hole Golf Tournament 7:30 a.m. to Noon (Lakeside Golf Course, West Bountiful)

Oct. 16-19
Girl Scouts of Utah hosts the Girl Scout National Convention (Salt Lake City)

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Local group shoots to grow aerospace industry
Five local economic development departments have formally teamed up to support one of northern Utah's largest industries.
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