From: Better UTAH
To: Scott Jenkins,
Subject: Do you agree with the Deseret News on the prison move?
Date: Tue Jul 15 19:50:42 MDT 2014

Alliance for a Better UTAH

Dear Scott,

Do you agree with the Deseret News on the prison move? Turns out, they agree with us.

In the Sunday morning paper the Deseret News Editorial Board relied extensively on our work surrounding the Utah State Prison Relocation to formulate the Deseret News' own position. We've been working hard to bring balance and transparency to the prison relocation discussion and it is finally starting to pay off.

Here are a few snippets:

One close observer and critic of the prison relocation process is Maryann Martindale, executive director of the nonprofit Alliance for a Better Utah.

Alliance for a Better Utah cites three concerns: (1) ensuring that the value of the state land on which the prison sits be maximized if relocation takes place; (2) finding a new location along the Wasatch Front accessible to the existing volunteer and employee base; and (3) ensuring transparency and disclosure by members of the Legislature as part of any prison relocation.

We share each of these concerns.

It is our mission to strive for balance, transparency and accountability in Utah institutions. The recent editorial by the Deseret News demonstrates one of the many ways we're working to bring balance to important policy discussions in Utah.

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Thank you for your continued support of our efforts,

Josh, Maryann and Isaac
Your Better UTAH Team

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