From: Michael R.Kelsey
To: Scott Jenkins,
Subject: fireworks
Date: Fri Aug 01 14:53:56 MDT 2014
From Michael R. Kelsey
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Read this Newspaper Article First
Man upset by fireworks shoots handgun into yard
Candi Higley   DAILY HERALD   July 29, 2014
PROVO — Provo police arrested a man on Friday after he became upset at fireworks being set off in his neighborhood and pulled out his gun.
Police reported that Brent Rowberry, 51, was intoxicated.   Angered by the exploding fireworks, he took his Colt 1911 .45 caliber handgun outside and fired several shots into his yard. The police report stated that Rowberry then entered his house and began loading the gun again. A family member confronted Row- berry and tried to get him to stop loading the gun.  
Police stated that Rowberry held the gun to his head and then pointed it at the family member and said, “We are going to end this now.”
The family member told police she was pushed several times during the argument. Police reported that when they arrived, they were able to take Rowberry into custody.
Police stated they recovered the gun and it was loaded. Rowberry denied he pointed the gun at himself or his family member but didn’t deny he had fired multiple rounds into his yard.
Rowberry was arrested and booked into the Utah County Jail on suspicion of domestic violence aggravated assault and discharge of a firearm.
Daily Herald reporter Candi Higley can be reached at (801) 344-2556 or, and on Twitter @candihigs.

Now My Complaint

Dear Sir:   July 28, 2014
This letter has to do with fireworks, the Utah fireworks law and all the sleepless nights myself and many others have had to endure this month.  
First of all, I’m old school.  I cool my house the old fashioned way--I open all the windows and doors at night, and close them in the morning.  Open windows means I get the full brunt of the connon-shot-type explosions of this year’s fireworks.  My guess is, you have an air conditioned house so your double-paned glass windows are closed.  That keeps most of the noise out.  Also, some of those rockets go up close to 100 meters, and can be heard all over Provo.  Another thing, how many fires have been started by fireworks this year?  It’s the same every year.
I keep my tele. by my bed at night and have called the police 7 times this month.  I called them twice the night before last at 11:30pm.  I’m in bed between 10:30 and 10;45 every night of the week.  During this month, I have lost several hours sleep just because law makers have caved-in to the fireworks lobby.  
Here’s what I think needs to have happen; this, or something like it, I could support:
1.  Allow fireworks for  one night only for the  4th & 24th holidays.  That in contrast to the 12 days you people are allowing right now!
2.  Outlaw the rockets that go upwards of 100 meters; those that go that high, and are that loud, send shock waves all over the city.  That means more people than ever are effected. 
3.  Make the shutdown time between 10 or 10:30pm, and have it strictly enforced. 
4.  Stop being herded around by the people who make and sell fireworks.

What this comes down to is,  whose rights come first?  The noise lovers and the people who stay up half the night along with those who sell fireworks?  Or, all the rest of us who go to bed at roughly the same time as I, and would like nothing more than the right to sleep in peace and quiet in their own home?  (As I write this letter, 4 salvos of 12, 8, 13, 9 rockets have just gone off and exploded a block away--would you appreciate that kind of crap going off near your house?  Yes, my window’s are open and it’s 10:30pm--what the hell kind of rights do I have?  At 11:01pm, I called the cops again!)
I really think I represent the vast majority of people in Utah so I’d hope you representatives will get this issue back on the table next year and make some changes.  Thanks.  

Sincerely      Michael R. Kelsey