To: Scott Jenkins,
Subject: Cleveland 2016
Date: Tue Aug 12 01:45:44 MDT 2014
Dear Fellow Republicans,

Last week at the Republican National Committee meeting, Utah National Committeewoman Enid Mickelsen reported that Cleveland, Ohio had officially been selected as the site of the 2016 RNC Convention. Enid chaired the site selection committee, working tirelessly on behalf of our entire Party.

“Cleveland is a world class city that has demonstrated their ability to provide our next presidential candidate with a launching pad to the White House," said Mickelsen. "I look forward to working with Cleveland in the coming months to ensure the Republican convention is the best yet.”

The Utah Republican Party is very proud of Enid and congratulates her and the rest of the committee on their outstanding work. Enid demonstrated excellence during every step of this process and exemplified Utah values on the national stage.
Thank you for all that you do for the Republican Party! 

James Evans
Utah Republican Party 
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