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Subject: FDA approves Ebola test | Yezidis woes in Iraq | SATCOM hacking
Date: Mon Aug 11 12:23:58 MDT 2014
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Monday 11 August 2014 vol. 8 no. 183

In Today's Issue

FDA authorizes use of unapproved Ebola virus test

As Ebola continues to spread throughout West Africa, the Food and Drug Administration(FDA) has authorized the use of an unapproved Ebola virus test developed by the Department of Defensefor use in individuals, including U.S. military personnel and responders, who may be at risk of infection because of their work with individuals who might have the virus.The Test-tube diagnostic test is one of the Pentagon's investment in developing a vaccine or cure for Ebola.

Battling a deadly disease

BU Today, the news and information Web site of Boston University, last week published a series of detailed articles, accompanied by interviews with leading researchers, about the Ebola outbreak in West Africa. The researchers discuss why medical personnel risk traveling to the hot zone; the ethical and political dilemmas presented by the outbreak; how the virus kills; efforts to design effective therapies; and other aspects of the worst Ebola outbreak on record.

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ISIS militants kill 500 Yezidis, burying women and children alive, forcing 300 women into slavery

Mohammed Shia al-Sudani, Iraq’s human rights minister, on Sunday said that Islamic State (ISIS) militants have killed 500 members of the Yazidi ethnic minority, including some women and children who were buried alive. Another 300 women were kidnapped and forced into slavery. U.S. bombing of ISIS forward units allowed Kurdish forces to recapture two towns taken by ISIS early last week. U.S. is dropping supplies to 40,000 Yezidis stranded on Sinjar Mountain. ISIS leaders announced that Yezidi “devil worshippers” faced a choice: convert to Islam or die on the mountain.

Iraq’s Yazidis are on the brink of genocide – who will save them?
By Ali Mamouri

U.S. president Barack Obama has confirmed that the U.S. military made targeted airstrikes and carried out a humanitarian operation in Iraq, marking the deepest U.S. engagement in the country since U.S. troops withdrew in 2011. There will be no troop presence on the ground. This means that the IS [Islamic State, which is the new name adopted by ISIS] threat won’t be removed from Iraq -- at least in the short term. The IS fighters will continue their massacres after the limited U.S. operation has finished. Iraq needs immediate, comprehensive and unlimited military and political assistance to eradicate IS fighters from the country. IS is not just a normal terrorist group and it is not a political opposition. Rather, it has become a professional irregular army with more than 20,000 well-trained soldiers and a very strong ideology, operating in a region from Iraq to Lebanon with many sleeper cells worldwide.

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911 call locator
Philadelphia refines area 911 call locator technology

In the Philadelphia area and around much of the country, emergency services and first responders are looking to retool the ways in which cell phone locator technology could allow them to aid individuals, and they are calling for the further cooperation of cell phone providers and the government alike. “If you don’t know where the guy is, you can’t help him,” said Edwin Truitt, the Delaware County [Pennsylvania] Emergency Services director.

SATCOMS vulnerable to hacking

Satellite communications systems (SATCOMS) used by soldiers on the front lines, airplanes, and ships are vulnerable to hacking, according to analyst Ruben Santamarta’s presentation at the recent Black Hatcybersecurity conference.While none of the vulnerabilities discovered could directly cause a plane to crash, or override pilot commands, they could delay or intercept communications, exposing security and classified information to bad actors.

Morocco arrests recruiter involved with French terror network

Moroccan security forces two weeks ago arrested a French jihadist who was operating in the country to recruit fighters in order to send them to al-Qaeda affiliated organizations. The unnamed suspect had fought in Bosnia before joining the ranks of al-Qaeda in Iraq and Syria. His arrival is believed to be connected to recent strife in Libya and coordinated by the Jabhat al-Nusra terrorist cell in Syria.

Texas coastal areas still unprepared for disaster

When Hurricane Ike struck Galveston, Texas in 2008, leaving billions of dollars in damages and at least 100 people dead, residents knew that they were underprepared. Experts say that Texas coastal residents still are. Unlike Louisiana and New York after Hurricanes Katrina and Sandy, Texas has not developed a plan to protect its coast, and the state has failed to seek the same level of federal funding after Ike as the two other states sought after their hurricanes.

Also noted

With no plan from Congress, Homeland Security improvises | Fewer unaccompanied children are crossing the U.S. border in July, still higher than in past years | Houston ranks third highest for people on terrorist watch list | Dirty cash from organized crime will be used to track down terrorism funding | Ebola crisis: Guinea closes borders with Sierra Leone and Liberia | Egyptian court dissolves Muslim Brotherhood's political wing | Ebola quarantine ordered for relief workers returning to North Carolina | ISIS kills at Least 500 Yazidi in Iraq, buries some alive | In one of the poorest counties in Texas, at the center of the U.S. border crisis, one deputy must do the work of many | U.S. fire prevention budget tapped to fight summer’s wildfires

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