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Subject: AYL is Going to the East Coast!
Date: Fri Aug 29 22:05:14 MDT 2014
AYL is Giving Away Another Vacation!

Alright, get ready for something completely different on At your Leisure this week, as we head east for a river excursion like no other. Join Darren and Jill Kinder as they experience the Erie Canal in a houseboat that changes all the rules about what it means to travel on the water. Plus this is a vacation you can win from AYL. Make sure you go to our Facebook page starting Saturday August 30,2014 to be one of the first to sign up for a Erie Canal Vacation Giveaway.   


Then Chad Booth discovers how hitting the trail differs from one side of the country to the other. It's recreation from east to west tune in Saturday at 10:30pm and Sunday at 9:00am on ABC4UTAH. 


Did you miss the show last week? Well never Fear AYL is still here. Go to the AYL website and we have past episodes right at your fingertips. 

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