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Subject: Breaking News: ISIS beheads second American hostage
Date: Tue Sep 02 19:53:06 MDT 2014
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Tuesday, 2 September 2014
ISIS beheads second American hostage

ISIS has released a video a few hours ago which depicts the beheading of Steven Sotloff, an American journalist kept captive by the group. It appears that Sotloff had been killed by the same U.K.-born ISIS militant who beheaded James Foley two weeks ago. U.S. intelligence experts had begun work on establishing the authenticity of the video. The killer warns President Obama to "back off” and end the U.S. bombing campaign against ISIS targets, then warns other governments which might join the “evil” actions of the United States against ISIS. The video shows another kneeling captive, who is described as a British national (the U.K. has identified the hostage as David Cawthorne Haines, an aid worker).

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ISIS’s appeal to Islamist recruits grows as al Qaeda seen as stale, tired, and ineffectual

Advances by militant groups like the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) in the midst of turmoil in the Arab world, while al-Qaeda's aging leaders remain relatively silent, have led would-be terrorists and Islamic scholars to question al-Qaeda's influence on global Jihad and its would-be fighters. Within the social circles of potential militant recruits, al-Qaeda is increasingly seen as stale, tired, and ineffectual.

More Westerners join ISIS following the group’s successes in Iraq

Of the 10,000 foreign fighters who have already joined militant groups in Syria and Iraq, 3,000 hold European or other Western passports, making it easy for them to travel across most borders. U.S. officials report that as many as 100 foreign fighters hold U.S. passports, leading to worries that foreign fighters may return to the United States to launch an attack.

ISIS cleverly exploits social media for recruiting, communicating, and instilling fear

Islamist militants have adopted social media as their primary medium for communicating with the public. Terrorism experts and social media analysts agree that in recent weeks IS has demonstrated a mastery of social media that far exceeds that of al-Qaeda. That use of social media is partly due to the participation of young Western-educated recruits who join IS.

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