From: Sandra Bodily
To: Scott Jenkins,
Subject: Concerns about History being taught
Date: Tue Sep 02 15:10:26 MDT 2014

I am very concerned about Common Core being used as a standard for my grandchildren's education. I have concerns about the way the states were coerced into accepting this as our education standard, especially when they are using Howard Zinn's version of U.S. history. the following is from a mother:“My daughter goes to Cottonwood High School. She had her first AP US History and her teacher told them that the history they learned in elementary was all a lie. They read from "History is a Weapon" by Howard Zinn where he tells them that the US is founded on genocide of the Native Americans. My daughter also tells me that the other students in the class believe the teacher.”

WE CANNOT ALLOW this propaganda in our UTAH schools. I grew up in Utah and because of my husband's employment moved to Idaho. When we moved back 12 years ago I was very disappointed in the Utah I came back to. It seemed like we had lost our values and standards. Utah seemed from my perspective with being more concerned about not offending anyone and giving into the world's standards instead of being proud of our values and what made this state such a magnet for all to come to.  I for one will not stand by anymore and watch Utah convert to the world's standards. I want my grandchildren to have the same freedom's that I enjoyed and for them to learn true History and not have this propaganda brainwash them. 

                WE NEED to do all we can to get rid of COMMON CORE

I sent the following to Governor Herbert: 

Governor Herbert, shame on you for buying into Common Core and being bought by the federal government with money. NO AMOUNT of federal money can compensate for what COMMON CORE will do to our society. Please get a back bone and finally start standing for what is right, not what will appease the teacher's union. We may only be parents and grandparents, but we actually are more concerned with our children's future and well being than with MONEY! 

Take a stand against Common Core. You should be leading instead of sitting back and letting Govenor Bobby Jindal and other states do all the hard work for you. 

                By the way: I was a State Delegate and DID NOT vote for Governor Herbert or any other politician that takes progressive (Big Government Stands) 

If my elected legislators won’t stand up for what is right, then it is time to replace them with others that will actually lead and stand for smaller government, free enterprise and less government control and  power back to the people. 

           PLEASE take a stand against common core. 

           Thank you, 
            From a grandparent that actually gets involved and does the homework on issues that will affect my children and grandchildren
           Sandy Bodily