From: American Lands Council
To: Scott Jenkins,
Subject: American Lands Council Newsletter
Date: Mon Sep 08 22:22:09 MDT 2014

Dear Scott,

As I always tell my husband, "The blonde may be chemically enhanced, but it is VERY real!"  As you may have discovered, the link at the bottom of the newsletter did not work.  I have fixed the problem and the link below should take you to a very helpful page for commenting on inaccurate articles. Also, you can always find out all you need to know at

Barbie....I mean, Becky Ivory


Various groups around the state have been running a series of stories about lands transfer issues, and they're full of the usual misinformation. We are working as fast as we can to get the truth out, but we need you to go into the comments sections of these stories and spread some truth.


People are always asking us what they can do. You can do this.


The American Lands Council has a very nice page with all the links and even some good points to make. Please take five minutes and make just a little noise.


Here's the ALC page with everything you need:


Have some fun with it, but be courteous and be precise.


We are so grateful to work with you.  Thank you for the support of your time, your resources, and your dedication to the Transfer of Public Lands.
Thank you for your support!



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