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Date: Mon Sep 08 20:55:53 MDT 2014
Sept 2014- In This Issue:


It would be impossible to list here all of the work being done to bring about the Transfer of Public Lands, but over the past three months, ALC President Ken Ivory has slept on hotel beds more than 31 days, hitting 8 different states, been on more than a dozen different radio shows, had 63 scheduled phone calls (...and hundreds of unscheduled calls), and participated in over 156 meetings. Every one of those events has been in an effort to educate every elected official, and every person voting for those elected officials about the truth concerning our public lands.  

One important meeting that took place this past month was the UT Public Lands Strategy Meeting. In attendance were key Utah congressional players, the governor and his staff, legislators and vital contacts throughout the community.  Working together, this group is looking to get Utah's lands transferred to the state through a four stage plan:  Education, Negotiation, Legislation, and possibly Litigation if need be. Having our elected officials working together goes a long way toward ensuring our success.  
Utah is not the only state moving forward on its plan to compel Congress to transfer the public lands. This work is moving forward throughout the west, as will be seen in our upcoming Multi-State Summit. Next month, representatives from 14 different states will come together once again to continue building the strategy on the Transfer of Public Lands.  These elected officials and experts in this field will be working to make sure that the efforts of all the states are unified and effective.  We believe that our public lands can be both healthy AND productive and that no one can manage the lands better than those whose lives and livelihoods depend upon it.

Various groups around the state have been running a series of stories about lands transfer issues, and they're full of the usual misinformation. We are working as fast as we can to get the truth out, but we need you to go into the comments sections of these stories and spread some truth.


People are always asking us what they can do. You can do this.


The American Lands Council has a very nice page with all the links and even some good points to make. Please take five minutes and make just a little noise.


Here's the ALC page with everything you need:


Have some fun with it, but be courteous and be precise.


We are so grateful to work with you.  Thank you for the support of your time, your resources, and your dedication to the Transfer of Public Lands.
Thank you for your support!



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