From: Tom&Jane
Subject: BLM Bully in UTAH
Date: Mon Sep 22 00:32:58 MDT 2014

Dear Senators and Representatives,

The BLM needs to be reined in, at one time the BLM was the Bureau of Land Management, now days they seem to be the Bureau of Land Police?  To day the BLM's main purpose seems to be the closure of our Public Lands, Lands that belong to all Americans.  The BLM is constantly closing roads and limiting access to our public lands.  There are areas that we have Jeeped and Hiked to in the past, that now are off limits or require a permit to enter and the BLM has set limits on the number of individuals allowed daily?  Others are the closure of entire canyons, so that the only way in is on foot, This may be fine for the BLM and their employees, but there are lots of people that would be able to see some of these areas if they were allowed to travel by vehicle.  There are a large number of Disabled Americans, not to mention all the Disabled American War Veterans that should be able to enjoy these areas, but the BLM thinks only they should be able to spend time in our Public Lands. Look at the problems with the limited numbers the BLM allows into The Wave Area, last year three people expired walking the Wave and their idea of a fix was to put up more signs.  It is time for our public lands to be managed for the use of all Americans and not just the elite and super fit.

Lets return our Public Lands back to all Americans

Thank You,
Tom Foster
137 E 1125 N
Hurricane UT 84737