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Subject: Fwd: [UACC Petition] Bombshell from feds, Protest at state office on Thursday morning
Date: Wed Sep 24 16:48:28 MDT 2014
I hope we are NOT considering adopting the Founderless AP History, let alone EVEN discussing IT!!!

What's going on???


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Subject: [UACC Petition] Bombshell from feds, Protest at state office on Thursday morning
Date: Wed, 24 Sep 2014 07:24:00 -0600

Today’s Common Core News


BOMBSHELL: USDOE makes NAEP high-stakes contrary to law

Protest Thursday 11:30 - 1:00 at State Office of Education

In a nutshell: Secretary Arne Duncan violated federal law seeking to punish state school disability programs, got caught big time, and a federal Dept. of Education official is here in Utah on a “routine” visit. Time for a fast protest. Please come. Help stop federal mandates that are hurting our children. Get the full details here:



Legislative Meeting: Utah Discussing Adopting Founderless Version of U.S. History

This took place yesterday at the capitol.

If you don’t know what’s happening with AP US History, this brief video will show you.



More great candidates to help:

Clareen Arnold in Canyons School District (,



Upcoming events:

These types of events are important to get better educated on the issues that are going on around us. If you are at all able to attend them, please do so. I will be speaking at the ABE conference on 11/1 and unveiling a plan to transform Utah’s education system into one that respects local control. I hope you’ll come and become an evangelist for such a movement.


Shattering America’s Trance - Saturday

Yesterday morning (Tues Sept 23) John Anthony was a guest on Sam Bushman's Liberty Roundtable radio broadcast.  You can listen to the archived broadcast here. .  He introduces John about 6 minutes into the program.   Their discussion is a great foundation for the workshop that John will be doing at the  Provo Library on Saturday (9:15 to 3:30), but it is also filled with great information that can help everyone better understand property rights, regionalism, sustainable development, climate change, common core, health care, etc. 


If you haven't already done so, this is the time to register for Shattering America's Trance.  The workshop fee ($45) includes lunch when registration is made by Sept 24th (the day the caterer needs the lunch count).   Go to for information and payment options. If you want to sponsor someone, or if you or someone you know needs a sponsor, please call or send a text Sharon at 801-224-1769.  



Agency Based Education Conference - November 1st

This is essentially my conference that focuses on educational ideas and solutions. These conferences will inspire you and help you see there are alternatives and ideas out there that can make a difference. We bring in a wide range of speakers on a variety of topics. You don’t want to miss the conference this year. Here’s a comment from last year’s conference.

“The entire conference was wonderful! Every speaker was well prepared and spoke eloquently. I was impressed by the commitment to teach correct principles. The entire day was a revelatory experience for me. The speakers would present ideas base on correct principles and the spirit of inspiration would fill my mind with more ideas about how I could personally apply the material. It was an awesome experience.” -Tammy Hulse

Please sign up today:


Oak Norton

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