From: Allen Halm
Subject: 1st Year Homeowner Renewals
Date: Wed Sep 24 18:44:08 MDT 2014

Insurance Agents,

At FirstChoice we specialize in the compilation in 1st year homeowner renewals. Agents select the zip codes where their client base resides, we will then find all the homeowners that are 3, 2 or one month away from renewing their homeowners policy for the first time.

Why contact 1st year renewals?

-New Homeowners haven’t built a rapport with a local agent. We all know that local business is how insurance agents thrive.

-50% of all new homeowners switch their insurance carrier within the first year. The most common causes for this high percentage are high premiums by carriers that are not competitive and the fact that they cannot contact a local agent when an incident arises.

We also have an air tight exclusivity policy in place to protect your lists from future resale.

If you would like to know how many 1st year renewals we have in your area, simply reply to this email or contact us at the number below.


W. Allen Halm

FirstChoice Manager


Corporate address:

96 Main Street

Big Flats, NY 14814

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