From: Chad Booth
To: Scott Jenkins,
Subject: Affects of Medicaid Expansion on Counties in UTAH
Date: Thu Sep 25 20:11:25 MDT 2014

Did you know that Counties are often the last line of defense for the poorest in the State?

This weekend on the County Seat, Terry Wood explains medicaid, medicaid expansion, and Utah's proposed Healthy Utah Plan. Chad Booth picks up the conversation with a panel discussion that cuts through the politics and looks at the real problem. How do we help people in Utah who can't afford health insurance. An estimated 61,000 people fall into a coverage gap where they can't get subsidies that are offered to families that make between 100% and 400% of the Federal Poverty Level. The Affordable Care Act assumed that states would expand medicaid. We will talk about the costs of waiting.

Tune in Sunday Morning at 8:30 AM on ABC4UTAH for our discussion on these water issues. Or click here to watch now.  



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