From: Gabe Joseph Finkelstein
To: Scott Jenkins,
Subject: Attorney needed, A Hate Crime in Utah goes Un-Prosecuted This needs to be resolved in a Real Cort Room
Date: 3/31/2014 7:13:06 AM

These are Mitt Romney's People 

And Justice for all SLC Mayor Peter Corroon (Rob Jeppson's Boss)

This is a fantastic public case to gain national notoriety.

This one checks out 
A Violent Hate Crime Involving Hostile Aggression (Attempted Murder by denying blood supply to Mr. Burnett's brain by strangulation) in proximity of CHILDREN, ( Over 30 witnesses) With blatant disregard for the safety of others.
This was a Rodney King Like vicious and bloody premeditated beating of Mr.Burnett. In front of Children and others (over 40 witnesses) in total disregard for safety in a public mall in Trolley Square Salt Lake City, Utah,
This was done in plain sight of parents with young impressionable children in strollers. 
Robb Jeppson (Intergovernmental Relations Specialist) at the time of the crime works for Salt Lake City and (Former) Mayor Peter Corroon (Formor Mayor and Realtor) 
and Steve Swenson (Utah Attorney). (The perfect “Super criminal’s” tag team) 
Mr. Burnett has been denied the 911 recordings for the crime. 
Rob Jeppson  became interested in the 911 system, and used his political position to block the public documents. Please Review the Attachment (Rob Jeppsons Blog) and Denial of the 911 Call Records in the attached documents. This is Mr. Burnett's third denial for the request of public records. (Check Robs Blog attached). Check into the Gold Cross Ambulance Record.
Now pay close attention to the coloration of Mr. Burnett's neck, and right ear canal opening and forehead all kicks buy Rob Jeppson while Mr. Burnett was on the ground unconscious. (Other Police photos are available).
LAW is NOT a popularity contest; all people shall be treated equally under the laws in the United States of America. Remember we deal with the HOW things happened not the WHY in law. I also believe that there are other similar cases involving these two political goons. United States is not a THIRD world county and all citizens have rights. ALL Citizens have RIGHTS.
Mr.Jeppson and Mr.Swenson and there Socio-Phatic Behavior have been free to do there destruction on Salt Lake Community for over 3 years under the protection of a questionable police force.
Rob Jeppson and Steve Swenson are no longer infants and can no longer blame others or alcohol for their heinous actions against Mr. Burnett and the people of Salt Lake City.
Mr. Burnetts Legal Team is actively seeking an other Aggressive attorney with a Utah Licence and a perhaps several more witnesses, press or some advice on how to handle this potentially volatile political situation. Is there is an unwritten rule about attorneys making cases against each other in Utah?
Please If you have witnessed this assault and battery on David Burnett by Rob Jeppson and Steven E Swenson that took place on the North side of Green Street and Pottery Barn in Trolley Square, Salt Lake City Utah on October 23, 2010 at 1800 hrs. (6:00 PM) Please Join the team contact the Salt Lake Prosecutors Office or The District Attorney:(Scott Fisher)
The Victim (Mr. Burnett) has permanent and lifelong head, neck, jaw and brain injuries (strangulation, concussion, and ligament tare). Mr. Burnett was strangled unconscious at least 3 times by Steven Swenson and Kicked at least 12 times By Rob Jeppson while unconscious on the ground. (Read the Police Report)
After you have reviewed the attachments, does this look like “simple assault?”
Please Contact: Scott Fisher or the SLC Police (8017993800) and provide the Case: # GO#SL 2010-185869 and ask for information on the case.
Or you can call 9259563647 for more information on this case, please leave me a detailed message and someone from the team will promptly respond.
Looking for strong representation by a powerful, dynamic attorney that shows a genuine commitment to the rights of others and the law of the United States are upheld for all. An Attorney who wants to sue, Salt Lake City and the state of Utah for this gross violation of Mr.Burnett’s Rights.
Thank you and let’s see that the little people person gets fair treatment and representation in this foul matter. Let’s not play any “Good old boy” bully games with this gang of nothing more than Salt Lake thugs. Let’s make it a point that no one is above the law.
Let’s stick to the letter of the law, not the persuasive powers and charm of the defendants Rob Jeppson and Steve Swenson. This is not a Popularity Contest.
Let’s end there explanatory fiction by these state funded professional spin doctors!
Let’s end the cycle of abuse and violence in front of CHILDREN and their families once and for all.
Call 925 956-3647 Or Call The Salt Lake Police Department. 8017993800 Case # GO#SL 2010-185869
This is a good cause? Yes. Mr. Burnett needs your help.
Thank You, It is up to you and this is important, please if you can help don’t let this one go.
This is about violence in the proximity, and witnessed by young children and their families committed by leaders in the Salt Lake community.
Please Contact. The District Attorney:
Scott Fisher 801-535-7767 is refusing to prosecute because of political implications. SOLD OUT 
Case # GO#SL 2010-185869
(Former) Salt Lake Mayor Peter Corroon
Motive: Robs son unsuccessful overdosed on cocaine and heroine in Mr. Burnett's basement rental. Get rid of Mr. Burnett non Mormon body, get rid of the problem.
While Mr. Burnett was recovering from his vicious internal Injuries, his home of 12 years was illegally foreclosed by Judge Randall Skanchy 8012387199 or 8012387035 Predatory Lending and now Mr. Burnett is Homeless.
Once again Tell  Scott Fisher or any one what you think about this.
Case # GO#SL 2010-185869
Scott Fisher 801-535-7767 
Every victim of violent crime Has Rights, and most of all YOUR kids don’t need to see others criminal activity it and carry it with them for the rest of their lives! and they will!
Proven, Children that witness violence have a greater potential for committing violence themselves. 
David has not been contacted on the felonious matter 9259563647
David Knight Burnett Has never owned or possessed a firearm.purchased any ammunition, hunting licences, Member of any gun clubs. ect. ect. 
Hitting the Statute of limitation does not make them innocent 
No Separation of Church and State in Utah
No one has contacted David, and WHY is nothing is being done about this felonious matter. 
Please Check Into it for your self the denial of legal council.
This is Unresolved and UNRESOLVED Is POLITICALLY BURIED  is there anyone Who will take this to trial?
Not contacted as of  03/30/2014
There Guilty 
And Justice for all SLC Mayor Peter Corroon (Rob Jeppson's Boss)