From: Sidney Couey
To: Scott Jenkins, Stuart Reid, Allen Christensen, Kevin Van Tassell, sidneycouey,
Subject: Help to Recover Property
Date: Tue Nov 18 20:33:10 MST 2014
  Dear Sirs,
                The first week in June 2014 my wife and I found a .357cal. Ruger black Hawk Pistol, holster, and 5 rounds of .357cal. ammunition.  The same week I turned the gun in to Daggett County Deputy Sheriff Travis Depaix.  I told him if the gun was not used in a crime and the owner was not found I would like the gun returned to me.  He told me it would be after 90 days if  the above proved to be true. 
                I contacted the sheriffs department Deputy (Travis Depaix) on 9/22/2014 and was told the county attorney would have to release the gun to me and to check back in one week.  Called County Attorney Neil Lund and he told me to call back in two weeks and he would release the gun to me.  10/21/2014 and 10/22/2014 called Neil Lund and left voice mail to call me on the status of the release of the gun.  He did not return my calls. Note: 4 and 1/2 months since I turned the gun in.  10/24/2014 went to Daggett County Court house to see Mr. Lund, he was not in but was able to talk to him via telephone from the court house  and he told me that he would write a letter to the Daggett County Sheriffs Dept. and have the gun released to me on Friday10/31/2014, the point of contact was Susie Potter Office Manager/ PIO.  While at the court house County Commission Chair Person, Karen Perry advised me if I had any further problems with the release of the gun to  call her.  10/31/2014 called Susie Potter and she did not have or had seen a letter from Neil Lund!  She told me she would call Neil Lund and call me back. 11/04/2014 I had not received a call from Susie Potter so called her back and she told me she had handed off my phone call to Deputy Travis Depaix and he said he would call me back and advise me that he and Neil Lund would have to check the gun out to see if it had been used in a crime or if the owner could be found!!  This was suppose to have been done the first 90 days after turning the gun in.
                 11/05/2014 called County Commissioner Karen Perry and told her the trouble I was having and she said she would talk to Neil Lund and get back with me, no call back so on 11/13/2014 called her back on her cell phone and office phone and left voice messages to please call me with any information on the gun.  Also called Daggett County Sheriff Jerry Jorgensen, he was in training so left a voice message to please help me out on this problem; as of today 11/17/2014 no one has contacted me.

                 I am asking for any help you can give me to bring this problem to a satisfying end.  All I want is the property returned to me, of course if the gun was used in a crime or the owner found all Neil Lund has to do is show me the results of the find and I will be OK with that. I can not understand why it took over 3 months for Neil Lund start looking for an owner and trying to find out if a crime was committed with it.
One more item is Neil Lund's Mission Statement : committed to protect the rights and interest of Daggett County and provide quality legal services to county officials and boards.   In my case he has not fulfilled the first part.   I own a home in Weber County and a summer home in Daggett County and pay tax in both counties!

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