From: Senator Mike Lee
To: Scott Jenkins,
Subject: How to Fix Congress: Five Steps To Restore Trust, Transparency, And Empowerment
Date: Mon Nov 10 20:41:12 MST 2014
November 10, 2014

How to Fix Congress: Five Steps To Restore Trust, Transparency, And Empowerment

As a frequent critic of my party’s strategic timidity—and as incoming chairman of the Senate Steering Committee, whose job it is encourage bolder thinking and action—I thought it incumbent on me to offer some concrete, early, and hopefully constructive suggestions about how the new Republican Congress might be steered toward unity and success.

As you will see, the ideas below are not really policy goals. (I have my own ideas about what our party’s reform agenda ought to be, and I will spend most of the next two years advocating them.)

Rather, these are five suggestions to my Republican colleagues to help repair the dysfunctional legislative branch we have inherited, rebuild Congress’s reputation among the American people, and by extension slowly restore the public’s confidence in the Republican Party.

Click here to find a more detailed discussion of these five suggestions for fixing Congress

What would you like to see get done by Republican Congress?

I've listed my ideas of what I think a new Republican-controlled Congress can accomplish.  I would like to get your feedback as well.  I will be holding my monthly tele-townhall meeting this Wednesday at 7:00 p.m. MT, and you are invited to join the discussion and help me chart the new course ahead:

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