From: ManageBetter
To: Scott Jenkins,
Subject: Preserve your sanity: Meet workplace conflict head on!
Date: Fri Sep 26 13:43:14 MDT 2014

How to manage the 10 most common employee personalities
(and make your workplace great!)

October 16, 2014 • 2 – 3:15 p.m. Central Time

Dear Manager,

Do you manage employees who lower your department's morale and productivity?

Do you waste half your time as a hall-monitor while you try to meet business goals?

Fact: You'll work with difficult people throughout your career.

You CAN handle irritating, small-minded, disruptive, even malicious workers like a pro!

This webinar will help you turn the top 10 most challenging personalities in your unit into cooperative, better-behaved producers.

You'll get tips to manage:

  1. The Bully
  2. The Introvert
  3. The Gossip
  4. The Loudmouth
  5. The Slacker
  6. The Flirt
  7. The MVP
  8. The Smoke-Breaker
  9. The Know-It-All
  10. The Party Animal

Maybe you won't sway the worst offenders to be your friends. But you will get their respect for you and their fellow team members. You will make them more productive

Join us for this new ManageBetter webinar to learn how to:

  • Harmonize completely different types to surpass business goals
  • Keep complicated employee relations from tearing your team apart
  • Connect with employees on their level—without condescending
  • Create an "Open Door Policy" with reasonable limits
  • Promote teamwork, improve morale, increase productivity—without stifling creativity
  • Identify the 10 team characters who undermine productivity

Register now for this webinar, and learn how to take control, shape your team and build employee strengths in times of weakness.

Can't make it on October 16? Get the CD recording here.

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