From: Senator Mike Lee
To: Scott Jenkins,
Subject: Thank you for your participation
Date: Fri Sep 26 04:16:07 MDT 2014
September 25, 2014

Dear Scott,

Thank you for your participation in the Utah Solutions Summit on August 21st.  I am grateful for the time you set aside and the effort you made to attend.  The ideas driven through your dialogue produced important strategies to address the vast regulatory burden your business faces every day.

I am convinced that the heavy and growing mountain of government regulation placed on business and passed on to consumers is stifling our economy.  Many of these regulations are preventing individuals and organizations from experiencing the American dream.  I am committed to reforming our regulatory system.

I had two goals for this summit.  The first was beginning a dialogue to help policymakers at every level of government start defining and refining exactly what a modernized, reformed regulatory system would look like.  The second was, in consultation with individuals like you, to come up with specific legislative proposals that I can advance in Congress.  Thanks to you and other attendees, I am pleased to report that both goals were achieved.  I will follow-up with you on specific proposals and invite your feedback and input on other areas of policy opportunity.

Thank you again for your role in being part of the solution.  Please do not hesitate to reach out to me or my staff if there is every anything we can do to assist in the future.




Michael S. Lee

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