From: Jim Dabakis
To: Scott Jenkins,
Subject: Gays For Romney
Date: Thu Sep 25 22:25:56 MDT 2014
From the desk of Jim Dabakis
Hi Friends, 
Gays for Romney, what a dumb idea. But, thats not the only ludicrous idea around.
Mia Love. Mike Lee. Rejecting full Medicaid expansion. Pathetic funding for K-12. Corruption in the highest levels. Unlimited campaign contributions by special interests. Tea Party control. Forcing our college kids to accrue generational debt. Exploiting and destroying precious sacred public lands for short-term profits. Oversight boards with special interest foxes. Spending millions to halt marriage equality. Mismanagement and laughable ineptness at the DABC monopoly.
Utah can do better. 30 full years of complete one-party domination has robbed Utah government of its vitality and vision!
Please Donate
Admittedly, it can be a little creepy asking my friends for money, but it works better than asking my adversaries. Those in the fossil fuels industry don’t have a lot of love for me. The typical bunch of special interest groups who are used to getting their way on Utah's Capitol Hill don’t like me very much either. 
Proudly with Nancy Pelosi
I work ceaselessly to get our progressive message of fairness out. I am spreading our message through TV, radio, my newsletter, “The Dabakis Factor” (now seen by more than 40,000 people), email, local newspapers, Twitter, press releases, and by speaking to any group, anywhere in the state, at any time. I am convinced that when Utahns hear our story,  they will vote our way !
I am tired of covering up our progressive message! We must be proud of our message! It works! We should not be running away from it! I am proud of Social Security. I am proud of our national parks. I am proud of the EPA, public education, women's rights, more money and less loans for Higher Education, and now fully expanding Medicaid! 
I am proud to share our message with the LDS community so they know that our politics are compatible with their values. We want members of the LDS Church to feel welcome with us. Despite the propaganda, we know that Glenn Beck and the Tea Party do not speak for Temple Square. And when it comes to immigration and Medicaid expansion, can there be any question about where the leader of Christianity would have stood? 
Unfortunately, in our world today, no money means no voice. Utah's progressive community is mighty. We make up more than a third of the state, but we are continually dominated by the Tea Party minority. It happens because they are loud, they go to caucus meetings, they vote, and they  donate!
I need your help, love, support  and donations to fight our battles. Just getting out a newsletter every  week runs about $500. But the message is vital. We tell the truth that simply often goes unheard without your help!
To help  
Save the Tribune

Protect Canyonlands
Clean our air
Rescue K-12 Education
Demand fairness and equality for all Utahns 
(*gasp* to include full marriage for  all Utahns) and so much more.
I am honored to serve you. I am privileged to represent people all across the state who share our common values and ideals. However, it is expensive to get our message out. We have 39 days to go in the 2014 election, so please support me with $50, $100, $500, or whatever you can afford.
I promise never to give up on you. Please don't give up on me and leave me without ammunition in front of the GOP and the Tea Party! 
All the best,

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