From: Wellness Council
Date: Mon Sep 22 14:00:56 MDT 2014
Hello Capitol Hill Employees!   Mark Your Calendars!
Join us in our final hike in support of Governor Herbert's Choose Health Challenge!

Don't miss the  lunchtime walk  TOMORROW , Tuesday, September 23rd as we enjoy the "Ensign Peak Monument"Walk".

Please see the attached flyer for more information as we wrap up this summer's Walking / Hiking Group events!

- Your Capitol Hill Wellness Council  

Ensign Peak Monument Walk 
(Approx. 3.5 miles with incline)
A challenging hike through the East Capitol Boulevard neighborhood toward Ensign Peak Park.   Continue to the Ensign Peak Monument to enjoy a fantastic view of the valley.
Asphalt road.  Trail.  Incline.

12:00 noon - we will begin promptly to allow for the extra time needed on this hike.

We will meet on the EAST steps of the Capitol prior to the walk (near the Lions)
Please wear suitable exercise clothing for this hike!
Hike will take 1.5 hours.   A llow for the additional time using the Exercise Release Policy as outlined in the Governor's Work Well Recommendations (attached).

Dress appropriately for exercise.
Suitable attire:  Athletic shoes, loose/comfortable clothing
Not suitable: Sandals/flip flops  Dress shoes  Ladies: long skirts/dresses  Men: Dress slacks /collared shirt / necktie

Expected Forecast Tomorrow:  High: 82   Low: 60
Comfortable with Sunshine

CHWC Gov Choose Health Challenge FLYER 2014fb .pdf
Governor's Work Well Recommendations.pdf