From: Cherilyn Eagar - American Leadership Fund
To: Scott Jenkins,
Subject: Star-Spangled Sunday; Celebration of Marriage Rally; Stand for Family Conference
Date: Sun Sep 14 13:00:28 MDT 2014
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On This Sabbath Day... September 14, 2014

Our flag is still there!

Scott ... Not only is Constitution Day September 17, we are also celebrating the 200th anniversary of the Star-Spangled Banner this year with a special Sunday webcast today.  

Also, in Utah some critically important public events are happening this week: a Celebration of Marriage Rally and a Stand for the Family conference - both focused on the Utah Marriage challenge, now in the U.S. Supreme Court.  

American Leadership Funds' amicus brief, drafted by attorney Frank Mylar, has been submitted to this highest Court, as all eyes are upon Utah to determine the outcome of Marriage.

Please put these events on your calendar!  

Star-Spangled Sunday - Join us for this webcast!

I hope you will join me for this historic event hosted by Family Research Council - one of the family advocacy groups that belongs to the DC Values Action Team - and Vision America.

Few Americans know the story of how God used ordinary Christians to do extraordinary things during the desperate days of 1814. But this Sunday, September 14th, that story will be told as it's never been told before with Star Spangled Sunday, a live webcast.

Join churches and Christians in homes across America for this special event on the 200th Anniversary of the song that became our National Anthem.  


Utah Celebration of Marriage Rally - Click for more info


Celebration of Marriage.jpg

Stand for the Family Conference  - Click for tickets


We need your help today. Without you, we cannot build and be prepared for 2016. It takes constant funding to get the right people elected and to get the right messages out and to continue to communicate with you. Without your support today, we will not be able to continue to fight effectively for the return to limited government and principled leadership.  Please give a generous contribution of $35, $50, $100, $250, $500, $1,000 or more. You can also check the box to give a monthly recurring donation.

Blessings to you...


Cherilyn Eagar
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