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Subject: Talking Disaster Preparedness on the next County Seat
Date: Fri Sep 12 20:59:06 MDT 2014
Dear Scott, 

Did you know that emergency preparedness at home only covers you and your family for half the time that a disaster could strike?

This weekend on the County Seat, Derek Dowsett visits with an individual who is an example of true preparedness. It may seem like a lot of work to keep a week's worth of food stocked in your office, having an extra set of hiking boots in the car trunk, or keeping a 72 hour bug out bag in your bed room door; but after talking to someone who has lived through a 7.7 earthquake it become very clear that there are a number of daily essentials we take for granted.

Our panel discussion will look into how local governments prepare for coming disasters, and what we should expect in the aftermath of a major event.

Tune in to ABC4UTAH Sunday Morning at 8:30am on Sunday for an edition of the County Seat that is packed full of information that maybe you haven't considered in your own emergency planning. If you missed the program make sure to become a subscriber to our You Tube Channel or visit here after Sunday.

To learn more and gain access to a number of excellent resources, visit Be Ready Utah

Here is a link to an information packet developed specifically for
Earthquake Preparedness in UTAH

And plan to attend the UTAH Prepare Expo & Conference on Sept. 27th

News & Events in Utah

Thank you for your interest in the program. If you have a topic that you think would be good for the show please email


Chad Booth

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