From: Dwight Stringham
To: Dale McIntyre,
Subject: Re: Second Grade Common Core in Bountiful
Date: Tue Sep 09 03:50:00 MDT 2014

Thanks for including me on this email to Todd.  Can I ask a favor?  The links you included are simply to a list of dozens of things to look through, and when it's not clear what your point is, it's not fair to ask us to look through ALL of that.  I know you're not a conspiracy theorist, but this is a method that is common among them.  If someone successfully refutes a claim from them with logic, they just throw a TON of "documentation" back and say "you go read that."  It feels like the point is something along the lines of "If I don't have a leg to stand on with logic and facts, I can still win by making you do a couple of years of research before I have to answer again."

Could you narrow that search a little to focus on what you are saying is wrong with Common Core that isn't the Standards?  That is a really important point to make when faced with the fact that "the Standards" is all there is to the Common Core (besides the federal funding threat behind it.)  

I really distrust BOTH sides of the common core debate because they refuse to talk about the same things.  The testing and the curriculum and the implementation can and should be challenged and debated and changed.  But the fact remains that those things are NOT the "Common Core."  It's a whole 'nother argument.  And I can't get anyone on the establishment side of the debate to answer those concerns as long as the challengers insist on calling it something that it is not.  

I have the same frustration with the establishment side.  Every time somebody brings up the problems with the curriculum, testing and implementation, they avoid all accountability by simply saying, "those aren't Common Core -- only the Standards are."

I REALLY wish someone out there would separate those arguments.  For example, perhaps you could point out specific problems with the testing without pointing to a long list of links that include things that have nothing to do with testing, and even better, perhaps you could do it without calling it a "problem with Common Core."  That's the only way to box them into a corner with no escape if there really is a problem. 

Dwight Stringham,

On Mon, Sep 8, 2014 at 8:18 PM, Dale McIntyre <> wrote:

The standards themselves have never been the sole issue. One of the major problems in my mind is the testing which ultimately drives curriculum. Could I suggest that you look at some of the WEB PAGES and VIDEOS in the links on these two pages.

Dale McIntyre

On Mon, Sep 8, 2014 at 6:38 PM, Todd Weiler <> wrote:

We hear so much in the abstract about common core.


A second grade teacher in my district wanted to “make it real” for me – and she did!


She put together a packet of some of her pre-common core classroom assignments with comparison to the same assignments post-common core.


I thought some of you might be interested to see the difference that common core has brought to one second grade class in Bountiful. 


See attached -- it was compiled for me by the teacher.


Todd Weiler