From: Ralph Okerlund
To: Senate Republicans,
Subject: Leadership
Date: Tue Sep 02 18:19:23 MDT 2014
   It is hard to believe that it is September and we are soon going to be back in the trenches working on policy and legislation that will shape the future of our state and the nation. I am humbled to work with each of you and appreciate the strength of our caucus and the strength that each of you bring to the table.
   Several of you have asked what my intentions are in regards to running for leadership and I believe that it is time to announce that I will be running for Majority Leader so that other members of the Caucus can make decisions on what they may want to do.
   It has been an honor to serve as your Majority Leader and an honor to serve with the current leadership team and I hope to continue to serve if I am elected. I am energized and feeling great and I believe we have some challenges ahead that will require great collaboration and leadership in our body and I am ready to join you in leading the state.  I will be trying to talk to each of you in the next couple of months. Please contact me with questions or concerns for the caucus.
Senator Ralph Okerlund

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