From: Douglas Kaplan
To: Scott Jenkins,
Subject: Political Campaign Signs
Date: Tue Sep 02 17:28:06 MDT 2014

             September 2, 2014
Dear Scott,

Name Recognition Wins Elections

Yard Signs build momentum and increase name recognition effectively

Yard signs can be placed along busy commuter routes providing a daily reminder to the thousands of drivers who pass by every day. They can also be used in neighborhoods letting friends and neighbors know the candidate is supported by their peers.


6 to 10 votes per sign, is the value of each yard sign that is strategically placed along key routes in the community.  Free Quote Click Here


Gravis Marketing provides professionally created signs with your campaign message or slogan. Use your own design and logo or work with our professional designers to create the perfect logo and slogan for your campaign.


Increase voter recognition and volunteer base with the use of yard signs.


Benefits of Yard Signs to Voters


  • Increase name recognition
  • Can impact thousands of voters when strategically placed along commuter routes
  • Connects candidate with slogan or core message
  • Voter sees the sign every day and increases recall
  • Voters cast ballots for memorable candidates


Many voters do not actively research candidates. When they reach the voting booth they look for names they recognize and names they feel good about. The central core of every campaign is delivering on these two areas. 


Voters must recognize you as a candidate and must have a good image of what you stand for and how you will represent them as your constituents.


Benefits of Yard Signs to Volunteers


  • Enable volunteers to feel part of the team by placing yard signs
  • Build stronger volunteer network through greater participation
  • Increase fundraising because volunteers feel valued
  • Communicates with neighbors in community which candidates are supported


Volunteers are the backbone of every campaign. The more useful and needed a volunteer feels the more loyal they will be to your campaign and the values you stand for. Providing volunteers and supporters with yard signs gives them a physical way to support you and will increase their willingness to do more for the campaign.


Feeling part of a team is critical to establishing a strong volunteer network during the campaign season. Yard sign delivers the message that they are an active part of your team.


To order your customized Yard Signs call our live operators at 1-800-371-3129 or email us at   Free Quote Click Here 







Gravis Marketing understands how important accurate data is and continually updates data lists to provide the highest level of accuracy. I look forward to talking with you.

Douglas J Kaplan


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