From: Sean Spicer
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Subject: RNC Weekly Communications Briefing
Date: Tue Sep 02 17:20:22 MDT 2014

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Tomorrow at 10:30am ET, the RNC communications department will be hosting a surrogate briefing call. We’ll discuss key midterm messaging and what we’re seeing in races around the country in our effort to keep the House, win back the Senate, and elect Republican leaders nationwide. Call-in info is below:
USA/Canada (toll free): 1-800-216-6327
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Participant Passcode: 365722

Happy Labor Day! RNC Statement on Labor Day from RNC Chairman Reince Priebus and Co-Chairman Sharon Day:
Winning Message Video: Each week, the RNC puts out a :60 video tackling a top issue that’s on our minds. This week around Labor Day, we discuss the status of the millions of unemployed Americans while Harry Reid and Senate Democrats let 43 jobs bills passed by a Republican-led House collect dust on Reid’s desk. We must Fire Reid this November.
Obama’s Un-Happy Union: This Labor Day, President Obama spent time delivering remarks at Milwaukee’s Laborfest 2014. When Democrats have to send in the president to rally labor support because even they are starting to split from his policies, it’s indicative of the uphill battle Democrats face this election cycle. From RNC Research: Obama’s Un-Happy Union.
Obama has no strategy: Obama’s admission last week that “we don’t have a strategy yet” for dealing with ISIS was shocking and troubling and let our enemies around the world know where this president stands. The reviews for the president’s admission are in, and they’re not good. Now while Obama is in Europe this week trying to reassure our anxious allies abroad, his lack of a foreign policy strategy continues to dominate the conversation at home. From RNC Research: Searching for a Strategy.
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RT @Reince From Syria to Russia to ISIS, Obama's foreign policy stumbles are dominating the conversation.

RNC spending tops $100 million for 2014 cycle: Last week, Chairman Priebus announced an additional $8 million the RNC will invest in key Senate states for Get out the Vote efforts, bringing the total spent at over $100 million. Meanwhile, the DNC remains silent on the amount they’ve invested on any tangible 2014 efforts.
McConnell extends lead in Kentucky: Sen. Mitch McConnell is gaining momentum in his Senate race against Democrat Alison Lundergen Grimes, extending his lead to four points, according to a new Bluegrass poll. Not surprising for a state that has a 57 percent unfavorable view of Obama. From RNC Research: Bluegrass Blues for Grimes in Kentucky.
Momentum is with Ernst in Iowa: GOP Senate candidate Joni Ernst’s campaign is out with a new memo highlighting her strong position heading into Election Day against gaffe-prone Democrat Bruce Braley.


Obama’s rough summer: Obama’s summer was a disaster from start to finish, from ISIS, to Russia invading Ukraine to the border crisis, and all along Obama seemed one step behind, prompting National Journal’s Ron Fournier to ask, when will Obama start to lead?
Democrats dominate most vulnerable Senators list: Roll Call released their monthly most vulnerable Senators list today, and once again nine out of 10 of them are Democrats, led by Mary Landrieu and Mark Pryor. Not a good sign for the Democrat Party as they struggle to hang on to the majority.
Landrieu wins worst week in Washington: First Sen. Mary Landrieu (D-LA) was in trouble for her use of chartered flights on the taxpayer dime, prompting the LAGOP to file a complaint against her with the Senate Ethics Committee. Now, she’s under scrutiny for claiming her parents’ Louisiana home as her own, raising questions of her state residency. Not a great week for someone fighting to keep her Senate seat, and that’s why Washington Post awarded her the Worst Week in Washington.

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