From: Jim Dabakis
To: Scott Jenkins,
Subject: Ruzicka and Dabakis, Round 1
Date: Tue Sep 02 14:32:30 MDT 2014
An Ice Bucket Challenge for the history books
Dabakis Factor Week 9

Herbert, Southern Utah U's embarrassing President, Utah's hospitals--dangerous-- if Medicaid Expands? No Money for Terrorists, Proud of the lawbreakers


Ruzicka and Dabakis: The Cold Shoulder

I fulfilled the dreams of many Utahns with an ice dump--but, I suppose so did Gayle. As I get older, I just can't find hate in my heart, just optimism. No one likes a poor winner--and certainly history is on our side. For my friends who think I have sold out by talking to Gayle, or that I should have malice--be bitter--sorry, its just not there. Wasted energy. I look to a great future for Utah. Together.  

Laugh or Sob?

Our new state motto could be, "Everything to please the handful of TeaParty delegates"! Is this any way to run a state? For two years, long after other state have decided, 123,000 desperate Utah families have been waiting. Will Utah get Medicaid Expansion or not? ... Read more.

Dear Terrorists,

I understand, kidnapping pays. It funds you. You guys, ISIS, Al Qaeda and the rest have received over $165 million in ransoms from governments. Without all that pay-off money--you would be broke. But, terrorist jerkwads, when picking your targets, remember this.... Read more.

So Proud of Our Capitol 13

The press asked if I was ashamed of the Capitol 13 being arrested. Heck no! I love our Capitol 13 and what they did. It is in the great tradition of America. Civil, non-violent, disobedience--as all- American as Chuck-a-Rama and the Real Salt Lake!.... Read more.

Great Editorial, Deseret News!

Doesn't happen often, but when it does, I celebrate unity. On Medicaid Expansion, I agree with the Deseret News--or maybe they agree with me. Many progressives and reasonable conservatives agree--and yet, Expansion still does not happen--who the hell is running the state? Who?... Read more.

My Bucket List

THRILLED. Thanks Pioneer Theatre Company! I got the part in Rocky Horror Show Concert! Now lots of rehearsal. For me, a bucket-list check-off. Tickets are going fast, only three performances. Friday night mostly gone! For tickets, Click Here!
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