From: Rural School and Community Trust
To: Scott Jenkins,
Subject: Rural Policy Matters August 2014
Date: Wed Aug 27 15:29:19 MDT 2014
Rural Policy Matters, August 2014: A Newsletter of Rural School and Community Action
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The August issue of RPM considers the importance of Vermont's stance on declaring its schools "low performing," examines a recent set of papers related to school finance, reports on a North Carolina court decision declaring the state's voucher program unconstitutional, and comments on the accountability and teacher quality provisions that NCLB was to require this school year.

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    Question: Minority students make up what percentage of rural students nationwide?

    Proposals Due Sept. 5, 2014: Global Teacher Fellowship Program Evaluation
    The purpose of the Rural Trust Global Teacher Fellowship Program Evaluation is to examine the successes and challenges of program implementation and to answer key questions aimed at program improvement and sustainability.

    Vermont Stands Up, Respects Parents and Teachers
    A high-achieving state stands up to the federal law that deems its schools "low performing."

    Summer Crop of Finance Studies
    Back to school season sees a fresh set of studies on the effects of school finance systems.

    North Carolina Vouchers: Unconstitutional
    The Tarheel State's controversial voucher program is an unconstitutional use of taxpayer dollars and fails other important aspects of education law, according to an August court ruling.

    NCLB Requirements Come Due
    RPM Editorial: The nation's schools are supposed to be meeting all provisions of the 2002 No Child Left Behind Act at the start of this school year. But statistical impossibility, inconsistent enforcement, and state waivers leave the law's provisions in limbo.

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