From: Jim Barrus
Subject: Fwd: Gay Marriage
Date: Thu Aug 21 00:27:09 MDT 2014

Where in the Constitution for the United States of America does it grant the Federal Government, or any of its Courts, the power to dictate the lifestyles of We, the People.

IT DOES NOT! ! ! !

We, the People, of the United States of America are the power and the authority behind all of our governments.

Unless you can quote me an Article and Section Number that says the government has that authority simply tell the Federal Courts they have no jurisdiction in the matter.  The People have spoken and the court is simply wasting its time to try and over rule the demands of the People.

Do not try to quote the so called "Commerce Clause."

When you diagram it you find out that the clause really establishes is the fact that the Federal Government has exactly the same powers over the States and Indian Tribes as it does over the Foreign Nations.  Thus the States and the Indian Tribes are equal to Foreign Nations as far as the Federal Government is concerned.

Thus, the States are as free and independent of the demands of the Federal Government as Germany, France, England, Russia, China, and every other Foreign Nation.