From: Charles A. Stormont
To: Scott Jenkins,
Subject: Time for the AG's Office to Join the 21st Century
Date: Wed Aug 20 22:41:49 MDT 2014

Dear Neighbor,

As you can imagine, the Attorney General’s Office has been responding to a lot of information requests lately.  But did you know that the AG’s Office cannot reliably produce the same set of documents twice?  At private law firms, they regularly use databases to manage document productions, but not at the AG’s Office. 

Similarly, unlike most public and private law offices in Utah, the AG’s Office has no brief bank. On many legal issues, an attorney at the AG’s Office has to either redo the research and writing, or track down someone who has written on the subject before.  And the word processing software the AG’s Office uses is way behind the times.

When I speak to local attorneys about these issues, their jaws drop.  These problems would be unacceptable in their practices.  It should be unacceptable in the AG’s Office.  As your Attorney General, I will address these problems immediately.  

It’s time for new leadership in the AG’s Office.   It is time to stop wasting resources on baseless, ideological litigation, and to get the Office the tools it needs to do the people’s work effectively and efficiently.

With your contribution of $1,000, $500, $250, $100, $50, $25, or $10, we can bring the AG’s office into the 21st Century.  Thank you for your continued support.




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