From: Cherilyn Eagar-American Leadership Fund
To: Scott Jenkins,
Subject: Scott, what will you say to this child?
Date: Sun Aug 10 19:23:56 MDT 2014
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How the Sexual Revolution Is Abandoning Children

Scott, what will you say to this child in twenty years? 
And what will she say to you?

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On this Sabbath Day, we have much to consider, so much is on the line for religious liberty.  Please take time to watch these two videos, one by a member of a national network of scholars of which American Leadership Fund is a part, Mat Staver, Dean of the Liberty University School of Law, and another excellent video that provides details of the history of the battle - the sexual revolution - we now wage.  


Utah is now the first state in the nation to have had its state's Marriage law overturned by a federal judge and along with Oklahoma, at the 10th Circuit Court.  It's now on its way to the U.S. Supreme Court with a strong case defending Marriage between a man and a woman for the rest of the nation. 

Utah is one state that has a Governor and an Attorney General that are passionately defending the need of every child to have both a mom and a dad in this nation's highest Court of law. 

With your faithful prayers and your loyal support, American Leadership Fund has raised the funds to file an amicus brief in the 4th and 10th Circuit Courts. 

Now we have committed to a goal of raising another $10,000 by the end of August to help us with the challenge at the U.S. Supreme Court and winning in the Court of Public Opinion. We are on an urgent deadline.

In addition to meeting monthly operating expenses, we are launching a radio show in a few weeks and also developing a media campaign to achieve this goal. 

Your help is urgently needed.  First and foremost, please keep us in your prayers today and throughout the week.

Scott, if we are to continue to influence the outcome of these critical issues of our day, we need your help. 

While large corporations such as gave $50,000 or more to support "gay pride" in a disgusting display of decadence in downtown Salt Lake City (which we captured on video), those of us who fight this most controversial and difficult battle depend on the contributions large and small of courageous and committed people such as you. 

Please support American Leadership Fund today with whatever amount you can give - a generous donation of $35, $50, $100, $250, $500, $1,000 or more will go a long way toward our goal.

Watch Two Extraordinary Videos on the Consequences to Abandoning Marriage and The Sexual Revolution We Are Fighting Against

If you are confused about today's "gender identity" discussions and the definition of Marriage, if you want to have your eyes opened to shocking truth, or if you have friends and family that are confused and "questioning," please watch the clip of Dean Mat Staver's words of warning ... and then watch a very professionally-produced video that clears the deck of deception.  These are MUST-sees videos. 

This Sunday evening, I urge you to sit down with your teenagers and young adult children and to show them these videos and to have this important discussion.  Our religious liberty - and our civilization is at stake. 


Blessings to you...


Cherilyn Eagar
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